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Titanfall release is a race at breakneck speed at different heights, which were launched in an extremely fluid wallrun between vertical walls and overhangs, completely oblivious of physics and the law of gravity. Titanfall is a furious series of killings tape, among amazing stunts with the jetpack and brutal executions never remain in one place for more than a second, waiting for the providential fall from the sky in a giant steel. Titanfall is that little voice that whispers in an almost detached (yet right for the even more exciting ...) "Stand by for Titanfall," the preamble to the forthcoming investiture relentless killing machine.

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I'm dying here. Between Dark Souls 2 and this beast. How do I spend my 10 hours a week?

I want to play a lil' bit of both.. but if I start any of them first.. down the rabbit hole alice!

I've got to say, I enjoy watching TF a lot more lately. I'm a lil' too afraid of DS2 spoilers, so I stay away.