The Point - 'Titanfall is just Call of Duty with Mechs'

Gamespot "Danny eats a sandwich and wonders why so much of internet's discussion around new game releases is so reactionary and dumb."

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Bigpappy1739d ago

I like this on Maria. Sounds like a large number of posters here.

lolCHILLbro1739d ago

Hhahaha this first minute or so sounds like so many people on N4G lol, its kinda pathetic that most of his quotes have been said here many times, TITANFALL is great and its not on PS4, deal with it

cleft51739d ago

This is satire and all that, but I want to say I expect more from Gamespot. But the reality is that I really don't, which is an even worse feeling. Regardless, Titanfall is a good game that people like and people shouldn't try and lessen that fact because they don't have access to a platform with the game on it. I am referring to people on the internet, not this video that is just satire. Anyways, Titanfall is fun to watch people play and I am looking forward to other cool games this month.

Evilsnuggle1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Great to gamers love twitch shooters. I happen to be one of the people who don't enjoy that space twitch Shooter's. I prefer a more strategic thinking shooter Like Ghost Recon, Rainbow six. SOCOM 2 And battlefield Can't wait for the division. One of the things that COD and Titanfall has In common is they both run Old last gen game engines. Titanfall looks last gen and it's 792p on the 10 year old Source engine. COD runs on a 15 year old quake 3 Engine and looks Worse than the titinfall. No I'm not saying that the game is not fun but neither would convince me To upgrade from My 360. COD ghost on x1 Was almost identical to the 360 version just higher frame-rates. I suspect Titanfall will be identical to the 360 also with better frame rate. Hardly worth spending 500 for. That why Microsoft is hiding the 360 version of Titanfall no one has seen it yet it releases in 2 weeks.
Yes I own a original Xbox and 360 purchase both of them at launch I see no reason to get a x1 and doubtful I will.Friend request me on Xbox Live evil snuggles Or send me hate mail I guess . The only thing Microsoft do understand That 13-25 year old love online multiplayer games and if Sony doesn't step up there exclusive Multiplayer games the will let Microsoft back into the console race.

Whiskeyjacked871739d ago

Lol I'm dealing just fine. Relax.

iamnsuperman1739d ago

Tony hawk and portal game sounds amazing

Kayant1739d ago

Loool that was good. Am guilty of this myself :p. True it's never wise or valid to completely write off a game without trying it first.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I'll probably lose my last two bubbles for this but #$#@ it! I downloaded it last night,finished the tutorial and played about three matches. My opinion this game IS call of duty with jetpacks and mechs.It has the same mindless twitch-shooter appeal as COD but should have at least been priced at 39.99 to 49.99.

cell9891739d ago

is it true there are no snipers?

ic3fir31739d ago

2 snipers in the game, automatic and single shot manual

ZeroX98761739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

the game really took the sniper problem down. There is some campers here and there waiting for you to shoots bots to get an easy kill (Doesn't help you can't shoot through walls), but typical shooter tactics, saw this in many many shooters not just titanfall.

My biggest complaint about the game is the PC graphics. saw the game running on an X1 and then I played it on my PC with MAX settings on everything. You can hardly tell the difference between both versions and it's not because the X1 version is performing well, it's more that optimization wasn't a priority on PC.

and I know graphics aren't everything to a game, but Titanfall would have benefit a lot from having high end graphics instead of another 360/X1 cross platform release.

darthv721739d ago

put down the keyboard and...go eat a sandwich.

Slevon1739d ago

you should still put down the keyboard and go eat a sandwich

whothedog1739d ago

O M G I can't believe all the disagrees you are giving for stating your opinion, these typical xbots are in full force. They must be here cause they have no games to play lol

In case you haven't realized everything I just said is sarcasm.

Kiwi661739d ago

well no one forced you to buy it maybe you had a low opinion of TF even before you got it instead of just enjoying the game

whothedog1739d ago

Or maybe everyone has opinions....

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