Sony 'Love[s] That People are Still Interested' in The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian – the PlayStation-exclusive title from Team ICO which has now been in development for some eight years – is still “absolutely in the mix” at Sony, according to Scott Rohde, one of the men in charge of Sony’s roster of fully-owned studios.

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pedrof931652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Wasn't Sony to announce a new game this month ? Maybe this is it.

Hatsune-Miku1652d ago

Im still anxiously awaiting this game . I still watch the few trailers downloaded on my ps3 every now and then. buying this game day one

TomShoe1652d ago

Oh Sony, you teasers you.

sonarus1652d ago

Seriously though sony at this point fuk you and this gm. Shadow of colossus still goat tho

KendrickLamar1652d ago

"I can't wait for this game to come out"

-PlayStation 9 owners

MysticStrummer1652d ago

"Seriously though sony at this point fuk you and this gm. Shadow of colossus still goat tho"

That's really an odd sentiment in my view, but to each their own. As I said below, If I'm not mistaken Ico was originally supposed to be a PS1 game, and it was nearly as magical to me as SotC was. Some devs get more of a pass for things like this than others, and for me Team Ico is one of those devs that gets a pass. I'll still have hope for TLG until it is officially confirmed as dead.

trenso11652d ago

honestly why? there was one trailer about it with no gameplay. Other than that this game is being developed by the same people who made SotC, why be so excited.

UltimateMaster1652d ago

I was never interested in this game, ever.

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elninels1652d ago

Pedro I regrettably disagree.

And you in your heart of hearts probably know better as well.

team ico is one of those developers that help to legitimise the video games as art argument, which we could use right now seeing as some officials are looking to scapegoat games for guns and violence.

Another note.

To be in development for eight years must have cost a lot of munnies. This game will come out because sony needs to see some kind of return on this long of a development cycle.

Spikeantestor1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I don't think my excitement had ever really gone away for this game. I still watch every E3 or read about every TGS hoping this is finally the one where the game gets shown in a big way.

WooHooAlex1652d ago

One more chance, Sony. Announce it at E3 this year, and we can put all of this behind us.

chrissx1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Sony,don't stop loving that fact and please give us this game on Ps4!

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The story is too old to be commented.