Assassins Creed 5: Speculating on the Protagonist “leak”

Gamer Debates sheds its opinion on the Assassin's Creed 5 protagonist "leak." Where will the series take place?

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-Gespenst-1735d ago

Could be the Wild West. Black duster coat + revolver.

Mexican-American war and Civil War to be featured? Maybe some postbellum stuff too?

Red Dead Redemption meets Assassin's Creed?

In any case, I don't care. Done with Ubisoft, done with Assassin's Creed.

GusHasGas1734d ago

A Wild West AC is improbable. Ubisoft doesn't like to include guns as a major part of the whole gameplay experience, so Wild West just wouldn't work.

What annoys me about AC is that Unisoft will never give us what we want. We've been asking for an AC set somewhere (ANYWHERE) in Asia (a lot of people want Japan) but Ubisoft just doesn't give a sh*t. Maybe they're saving that for the final AC game, though.

OrangePowerz1734d ago

What annoys me is that AC1 had great assassination missions (the missions inbetween are repetitive and boring) and they went away from those well done assassination missions. Now its go there kill the guy in 5 minutes and be done with it.

joab7771734d ago

Thats a great idea...ala red dead redemption.

But...I think with next gen, its time to have a Japan or China release. It would be perfect with the flowing grabs running across trees etc. It would be perfect and gorgoeus

starchild1734d ago

I agree that Feudal Japan or Ancient China would be some of the most exciting settings. I hope Ubisoft will one day listen to us. I've been a fan since the first game and I was sure that one of the games would have taken place in Japan by now, but Ubisoft wants to keep doing western settings. It's disappointing.

Crazay1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I love the idea of the Wild West. That's an era I, myself, have been longing for. Or even Egypt would be spectacular.

GW2121734d ago

Oh Egypt is a good idea, I like that one.

Blaze9291734d ago

Hopefully at a graveyard. As that's what they've done to this series for me - killed it.

Mr-Dude1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

They should do a complete reboot of the series, go back to the roots of the game. It's not really about conspiracy theories anymore and history. They should never have left the dark and golden ages. But instead they did and put us trough the boring ACIII. ACIV was okay, but that's it.

If they listen to us, and gave us Egypt or Asia, people where happy now and looking forward to this... But I think we will get WWII or France Revolution. One milked to death, the other just not that interesting

Lukebb911734d ago

I think England, France and Russia are all good countries for a AC game, a lot of history with important historical figures, conspiracies and cover ups.

The problem with america is it doesn't have enough history to fit into the type of stealthy sword and crossbow games ubisoft wants to make, AC3 is about all you can do for america before its just turns into an open world shooter.

Japan or china might appear eventually but for now the three countries i mentioned are a good choice.... But i would like to see an AC game set in brazil

CrossingEden1734d ago

You coincidently picked my top three locations in order of most wanted to least. Are you a wizard?

Lukebb911734d ago

Lol unfortunately no I'm not the truth is i picked my 3 favourite locations in order.

Thefreeman0121734d ago

What happened to possibly Egypt? I remember seeing a screen of an Egyptian character a long time ago

Lukebb911734d ago

If you mean the osiris thing I'm not 100% but i think that was a different game being made that got canceled, which then brought people to assume it was an AC game.

IRetrouk1734d ago

Yeah that one was a cancelled prince game, looked good too :-(