Thief is awesome but this is utter nonsense

The love affair with Eidos Interactive's Thief ended here when the game decided it was time to bite back after too much sneaking around. It sets a bad precedent that games can be released in an unfinished state with the aim of patching after money has exchanged hands.

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Visualift1657d ago

I just played through this section once... twice... and a third time trying to replicate. Sorry it's happened to you.

fardan851657d ago

I just finished it few hours ago on Ps4, I didn't encounter game-breaking bugs like BetaField 4. Very few minor bugs, nothing game breaking.
Sorry for the player.

starchild1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I didn't experience any serious bug either. The most I saw was a guard spinning in a circle a couple times. I've seen bugs in every game, and no more bugs in this game than in the majority of games.

I'm playing the PC version on an HD 7950 btw and it runs extremely well.

legionsoup1657d ago

Nearly every game has glitches. While I agree with you that this sucks, nearly every single game these days gets released with the expectation that a patch will fix any bugs they don't find.

Also, the video doesn't address the fact that you can just reload the last save (or if reloading the last save doesn't work).

I played through Thief on the PS4 without any issues.

ziggurcat1657d ago

that's bad, but it's just a bug... and probably not a common one, either because i replayed that three times without any issue.

choujij1657d ago

I played the PS3 version. The only "glitches" I experienced was often when the city/level was loading, you could see the higher res textures popping in.

BlackBeardGames1656d ago

Finished the game 700 difficulty on X1. Love this game only bugs i have seen are rolling without pressing a and a spinning guard once. Played level in question twice once for story and once for collectibles. No glitch.