Assassin's Creed V Set During American Slavery?

Ricky from Twinfinite writes, "With the Assassin's Creed series moving further and further west, and Ubisoft employing an escaped slave as their protagonist in the ACIV: Freedom Cry DLC, we make that case for the next game in the series to tackle the darkest hour of American history; Slavery and the Civil War."

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wheresmymonkey1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

It's almost as if they forgot Assassins Creed III and IV were both set during periods where slavery existed in America.

thorstein1742d ago

Yeah. But I would speculate at least 100 years later: during the Civil War (or War Between the States to those outside of the US.)

Summons751742d ago

That would be interesting. Have a mission along a portion of the underground railroad.

But I suspect that it will get the Huckleberry Finn treatment and get called racist for literally zero logical reasons when it would be more against slavery than anything.

I may have fallen out of touch with the Assassin's Creed games but all of their games events were well told having done a ton of research (then embellish a little for fictional purposes) the same would be like this too.

cleft51742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Aveline's story line for AC deals directly with slaves and slavery. Even in AC4 Adewale DLC and his character directly deals with slavery. This is hardly anything new for the AC series and they have done this subject matter quite well unlike the whole stuff related to Connor and the Native
Americans. That was just poorly done.

So long as the new hero or heroine is cool and not just overly angry like Connor was than I am fine with whatever direction they go in. After the misstep that was Connor's character, the AC3 story was solid enough, I am sure they realize they need to error on the side of fun whether than forcing poorly done moral lessons on people.

starchild1742d ago

Oh jeez I hope it isn't another western setting. They've done enough of those.

We haven't had one game take place in Asia. Feudal Japan or Ancient China would be amazing settings for the series.

thorstein1742d ago

@star, I agree with you, I am just speculating about what would and could happen. The War Between the States coupled with an Assassins (Abolition & the Underground Railroad) vs Templar (slavery and the secession) would be a ripe place to find a struggle.

And then out to the Old West for the next game. I did read someone earlier and I think it would be nice to have an AC for each continent. But, unfortunately, when the majority of your customers are from North America, then, you have to pander to them.

starchild1742d ago

I get where you are coming from, but a lot of westerners have a keen interest in Asian cultures and history. Even for those that don't have a specific interest in those things, simply having a more exotic setting would gain many people's attention.

The truth is, I have loved every one of the Assassin's Creed games and I will probably love the next one no matter where it takes place. I just hope they fulfill the series' potential and take it to somewhere even more interesting and fitting for the series.

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Muffins12231742d ago

Yea but it was not emphasized or revolving around the conflict/events during that time...

Sly-Lupin1741d ago

Aside from Freedom Cry, though, they didn't really address it. It was more a little background detail--in other words, a monumental wasted opportunity.

Of course, most of AC3 was wasted opportunity.

MRMagoo1231742d ago

American history ? The country is barely old enough for history , one game set in American history is enough IMO and should be left alone for the rest of the series, if I recall correctly the one based in America was also the least liked by everyone in general.

Stringerbell1742d ago

You know people lived here before European colonists came. For a long time actually- I read about them in a book but I cant remember what they were called...

MRMagoo1231742d ago

As in slavery history not the history of the country before Europe was there, I thought that was kinda obvious but like german tourists the stupid are everywhere. The article is about a slavery based game, I don't think native Americans had slaves and even if they did I don't think there is enough known about pre European history in America to make a game about.

Ashunderfire861742d ago

The Clovis and Folsom people now know as Native Americans. The truth is they migrate here like everyone else. They walk on a Ice bridge called the Bering Strait during the Ice Age to get to America(Turtle Island). And the most controversy answer to who they were is... Get Ready for this. Asians. Those historians make the Clovis and Folsom people sound like they were a mysterious race that no longer exist, but the truth is that they were Asian. They already found proof from a died Clovis 1 year old boy, buried with weapons all over the place.


DanteVFenris6661741d ago

Please tell me that's sarcasm because that would be sad if I knew more of your countries history then you do

Stringerbell1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Well just so you know Native Americans did have slaves. We actually know plenty about their history as well. Also slavery in North America lasted nearly 250 years. There are plenty of stories to tell and the whole concept of the underground railroad lends itself rather well to an espionage / assassin series. But then again "the country is barely old enough for history."

Flutterby1742d ago

Maybe he meant no one cares enough about Americas young history to warrant 2 games based on it ? I for one couldn't care less about the civil war it's boring as hell and a game based on the railways is just snorefest ubi would not even think twice about such a bland idea IMO. I have a feeling it will be some kind of important history in mankind like Egypt or Japan maybe china but America again is just asking for low sales and a low score, I'm not trying to be anti American or anything but there are 100 countries with far richer and far older history to use.

Stringerbell1742d ago

I cant argue that. I just thought it was rather ignorant for someone to question American history and then in the follwoing response admit to a lack of knowledge on said subject. But yeah I think an Assassins Creed in another part of the world would be perfect. The series hasn't really touched Asia yet...

-Foxtrot1742d ago

Why? We've seen that before in AC3 and even in AC4 they both featured Slavery themes.

Don't do a 12 Years A Slave where they think "Gee maybe if we do a slavery theme our stories will be well received...maybe we'll get GOTY"

redknight801742d ago

That was my exact first thought unfortunate and bad as it may seem, that is all I was thinking about. I would, personally, not like another game set in America because there are no cool buildings to scale and grand vistas to explore (again, as a game point of view) and would love something back in Europe or Egypt or Asia for a twist.

OrangePowerz1742d ago

No thanks let's go further back in time. As much as I like AC4 I want something that is set in an older time period like feudal Japan or Egypt when they build the pyramids.

starchild1742d ago

I couldn't agree more.

My top choices for the next game's setting are:

1. Feudal Japan

2. Ancient China

3. Egypt or India

Back-to-Back1742d ago

Egypt or India

lol nobody would buy a game set in these locations.

Relientk771742d ago

Can we not have another America AC, Assassin's Creed III was the worst one

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