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"Titanfall, like many mainstream FPS titles at the moment, follows the “microwave meal” trend of instant gratification. Kill-cams, easy kills thanks to the gadgets, titans, its open map design, and instant respawns make it easy to get hooked, whilst the opportunity to earn experience and unlocks keeps you that way."

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NewMonday1735d ago

the lower score reviews bring up the lack of depth in Titanfall

it could be quick fun but will most likely grow old pretty quick.

famoussasjohn1735d ago

It's the honeymoon phase, so far I'm really enjoying it. Can't speak for anyone else, but for me personally I like it. I played for 4.5 hours yesterday after work and didn't find myself wanting to put it down other than me needing to get to bed so I could get up for work lol. Time will tell if it will having a lasting image, or be like CoD and just fade off after a few months. I hope it lasts though.

blackbeld1735d ago

No private match is no fun. Playing online with random players s#cks.

No perks like call in choppers, Jet fighters, nuke and no snipers s#cks.

COD is still better. :(

Boody-Bandit1735d ago

"I played for 4.5 hours yesterday after work and didn't find myself wanting to put it down other than me needing to get to bed"

Man I love that feeling with a game. I'm not getting that vibe with TF yet but maybe it will grow on me in time. I played it 2 hours this morning and I'm going to give it another go later tonight.

Bimkoblerutso1735d ago

After a couple of days, I'm realizing that there just might not be enough content. It's still a lot of fun, but I feel like in a couple of weeks or so I'm going to put it down and never look back.

It almost seems like they kept it very lean deliberately so they know...bash us over the head with expensive dlc later.

Fireseed1735d ago

I'd ask what you mean by "lack of depth" but I should know better because I've seen you're absolute crusade to prove people aren't actually having as much fun as they think they're having with Titanfall.

NewMonday1735d ago

read the review and find out

Irishguy951735d ago

The lower scores bring up the lack of depth of 'insert any highly praised game here'.

MysticStrummer1735d ago

Inaccurate sweeping statements FTL

Brock5351735d ago

There is almost always at least one negative review of any game released. From what I read, it seems that you're trying to justify your alignment with the competitor by reading the minority of negative reviews for Titanfall.

Periphereality1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Here's the deal.

Large sites support themselves based on ad-revenue from soon-to-be-launching games. If those sites actually broke down a game in a review as thoroughly as the independent (un-funded) sites did, that would annoy the bread-bringers.

That's why 'fun' games get near perfect scores, because if it's 'fun', you can get away with blowing over any problems it does, or may, have.

Every game should be treated equally, and when you read 9/10 reviews that glance over any potential issues, or any criticism what-so-ever, you'll find they're usually being paid a lot of money to also advertise that game on the site. Alternatively, smaller sites that rely on promotion from positive reviews of games distributed via the publisher, or a certain dev, on twitter, will do the same thing.

That's why you often get universally ridiculously high scores for 'fun' games, with very little actual substance in the review. That, and most of the funded sites reviewed and played the game from the EA review event. So, they have a choice of analysis and potentially scaring PR and throwing their money and hospitality in their faces, or they can just gloss it all over and write what's essentially an advert for the game with literally no criticism of it. Problematic for a critic.

75 is not a low score. It's in our highest bracket. It means it's a good game. If people take issue with a positive score when they've read the reasons why, it only goes to show just how bought everyone is, and how caught up in the marketing clout they are.

I'm not trying to be a hipster, but this actually is a very complicated industry.

You can split games journalism into two different demographics
1) The discerning gamer who wants in depth analysis.
2) The gamer who wants to get excited, and read entertainment.

Both are perfectly legitimate models, but unfortunately they function within the same space.

This can be illustrated in some reviews that say things like "The best stories are the ones you make yourselves" to excuse the lack of a proper campaign in a 60$ game. Why excuse it? Is it a journalists job to excuse that? "I don't care about the campaign," that's absolutely fine, but you're paying for it at $60. You see, there's room for criticism without overtly slagging the game off, and if a site offers such criticism, and still lands it a positive score, they're doing their jobs - they're not just the 'minority' -- they're liberated by all sorts of different things. Our site didn't turn to Microsoft PR for invitations to the launch event because we don't agree with review events, and we're not interested in advertisement revenue that might jeopardize us doing 'our thing', and that's why we're a minority.

The minority isn't unprofessional, or hipster, or edgy, or contrary-to-popular belief. We ultimately reached the same conclusion: Titanfall is a fun thing. The only thing we did differently, was we actually analysed the game.

NewMonday1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

the reviews that gave the game an "8" are more honest because they give good information to the consumer.

they praise the gun-play but bring-up the short-comings like lack of depth or unstable frame rates or the bad campaign.

a reviewer must bring up the different aspects of the game to light and then it is up to the consumer to decide what he can live with.

Clogmaster1735d ago

It's true. Even smartphone games can be played for 6 hours straight without knowing it. So it means they did something right. In the long run, you find out whether or not they did something you didn't like.

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No1up1735d ago

It'incredible fun game.

Jag-T10001735d ago

Yep, I'm bored already. Shoot the other team, run to the chopper. Rinse and repeat. Gonna trade this in for Bravely Default.

beerzombie1735d ago

Maybe you should have played the beta so you would not have wasted your money. Bravely Default by all means has been reviewed highly and I wish it was coming to Xbox 1.

Biggest1735d ago

I would hope that any RPG lover hopes for Bravely Default to be on every platform. It's an amazing game.

Oh yeah. Titanfall. We'll know after the first few weeks of sales how good it is. The first sales will say that it was marketed well (it was). The next week will say that initial sales are bringing their friends along. The weeks following will say that the game has real staying power. Lack of content or no. . . If people keep joining the obvious answer is that people want to join.

Brock5351735d ago

@Periphereality: Allow me to clear up some potential confusion here. First, my comment was in response to NewMonday, I'm not sure if you took it as a response to the review. Second, a 75 is a good score. It is my fault for saying it was negative. I did so in an effort to differentiate the two extremes of positive and negative review scores. I don't doubt your analysis was completely legitimate. Your score, however, is considered to be in the minority when compiled in an overwhelming amount of glowing scores.

Periphereality1735d ago

I wasn't annoyed at you, I was just throwing it in there as an open comment. I'm sorry if it sounded aggressive :)

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