Forza: Deep South Concept Art May Hint at Horizon Sequel

IGN-"Concept art for what may be Forza Horizon 2 has appeared on an artist's personal page.

Sumeet Surve, an artist at an Indian production house called Dhurva Interactive, shared two images titled "Forza Deep South," each featuring vehicles speeding through what appears to be the American Bayou in Louisiana. It's unclear if Deep South is simply the title of the pieces, or the subtitle for a new Forza game."

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Team_Litt1742d ago

Want. I love this franchise.

Yi-Long1742d ago

Recently bought Forza Horizon, but the whole world is a bit boring to me, TBH.

I'r rather see the series go international, instead of yet another American environment.

Take it to Japan or Hong Kong or whatever, where there's much more green and variety and awesome huge bridges and gorgeous mountain roads etc etc.

LexHazard791742d ago

Funny you say that...because there is awesome huge bridges and mountains here in America to!

guitarded771742d ago

I agree... the overall map could very more. Thing about America is it has so many different possibilities for environments because it's so big. Maybe multi-national across Europe would be cool. The thing I really want from a this-gen Horizon is more open and dynamic environments.

The thing about open map racing games is they're not much different from linear racing games when fences and rock walls keep you on a set course. That's why I want to see more of The Crew. I haven't been impressed by The Crew yet, but if they can make it a truly open world experience with dynamic environments full of life, that's what I'd be excited for. The environments need to be open and have living things moving about.

Dee_911742d ago

I was hoping for a bigger and better city this go round.But this still looks interesting.

christocolus1742d ago

The concept art looks really good. i hope playground is involved with this title too.The first horizon was a great game and it looked really good too. Looking forward to this...

PurpatraitorMGS1742d ago

I said at the beginning i would purchase an Xbox for just Horizon 2.... This is sooner than expected... time to save up.

DanielGearSolid1742d ago

Didn't a Forza game just come out?

Wat are the differences and similarities between horizon and the regular Forza?

Elit3Nick1742d ago

Forza motorsport is closed circuit racing with race cars, Forza Horizon is open world with traffic, dirt routes and day and night

WeAreLegion1742d ago

Horizon is my favorite in the series. I'd love another. I'm doubting it though. Sales for the first were poor.

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The story is too old to be commented.