Video Gaymes

An article in which the Ubisoft Writer statement about gay protagonists in games is called into question, and NOT because of his supposed "hurtful" and "homophobic" comment.

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Anthotis1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Good article.

I'd be more than happy to see attractive lesbian protagonists(or antagonists), and i await their arrival with a box of tissues by my side.

A gay male protagonist, though? Ugh...

DawnOfDon1735d ago

lesbians are homosexual

GrandTheftZamboni1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I wouldn't mind playing as Goddess of War in Aphrodite's Chamber.

Rikuide_Furame1735d ago

I couldn't care less about someone's sexuality. Sadly the gaming industry is still trying to progress out of the idea that a female lead has to be attractive (as well as come with the customary D cups). It will be some time and I understand the reluctance. There are still those who either (like Anthotis) are unsure about homosexuality in games or those who downright view it as a sign.

I don't see any publisher openly allowing their developer to create an issue that could directly affect sales unless it was absolutely crucial to the very concept of the game in the first place.

Still, we are seeing more games today for which the journey isn't so much about jumping from platform to platform (plus explosions) but rather the emotional journey of characters and player. It will happen one day.

anonjohn231735d ago

Can't wait until this way of thinking dies out. I could give a damn what the protagonist's sexual orientation is. Just give me a good game. Over and done. Can't wait until this primitive way of thinking dies out.

IRapeLolis1735d ago

Don't force shit into games just to be PC.

Talidan1735d ago

There should be no problem with a homosexual protagonist, as long as that isn't the point. If the character just happens to be gay, sure.

Take any male protagonist that isn't trying for a relationship with a girl in a game, consider them gay, and ask yourself, "Does it really change anything?" Or even a step further, if there's a brief sweet moment between him and another dude, then whatever, but don't be like "HEY, THIS CHARACTER IS GAY AND IT'S GONNA BE RUBBED ALL UP YOUR FACE!".

jazmac1735d ago

Seems pretty obvious to me why you'll find lesbians being more accepted in videos games than gay men.

Majority of the player base is made up of straight men and straight men don't like seeing two guys getting it on in front of them while I think a lot of us perfectly enjoy seeing women doing the same (% of lesbian porn vs % gay porn on the internet).

If it's homophobic to not like the idea of the character that I'm playing being gay (male) then I guess I'm a homophobe.

Conzul1735d ago

Fortunately, PC has a hard time making it into video games.
Hope this never changes.