Club Nintendo - Undervalued and Unappreciated

gamrReview's Jeffrey Knox: "Club Nintendo does a fine job at providing a service to reward its consumers. Some months may be better than others, but that does not diminish its performance as a whole. Enjoy the free swag and virtual console games. We could have lived in a world without them at all."

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admiralvic1736d ago

Terrible article, since it doesn't really say anything besides "hey its free, so shut up and deal with it" and in my opinion that is not a valid reason to think something should be overvalued and over-appreciated.

Lets ACTUALLY look at Club Nintendo and start with the surveys like you did. Now, you don't need to actually try and can fill them out in a minute if you don't, but I hate filling them out. Not because I don't want to give Nintendo feedback, because you can check my posts (or just look at how long this one is) and see I am not shy about wasting my time to give my opinion. I hate them because they're STANDARDIZED. You can do the Wii Fit U trial survey and see 20 or so questions DIRECTLY related to the product and I get the impression that Nintendo cares about that survey. I do one for 90%+ of the games out there and you'll see the same like 18 questions every time. I don't get the impression Nintendo cares and a lot of times your reasons might fly against what you're being asked.

Take the intend to buy survey, you can fill that out to say you plan on renting it, which brings into question why you're doing the intend to buy? Typically you won't get the coins from the rental, nor do you actually intend to buy, yet Nintendo wants to clarify this for some reason. Back when I got all those ambassador games I had to fill out 20 surveys for the coins and the reason I had them was pretty simple, "Nintendo gave me it", so nothing being asked matter as I didn't choose to buy them or even register them. Same goes with gifts. It's one of the last questions Nintendo asks you and in my opinion can invalidates a lot of what you say if it was a gift (as you might not care about the game on any real level).

" If you don't like the selection of the current month, have patience and save your coins until the next rotation - your coins will not disappear over time. "

First and foremost, coins do expire after two years, so yeah, they do disappear over time. And if you're anything like me (most forum posters seem to indicate they're), Club Nintendo isn't offering anything we want, so we just sit on a mountain of coins. Right now I got nearly 2,000 coins and nothing I want. This really isn't that surprising when you look at most of the prizes.

Bookmarks, patches, posters, hanafuda cards (how many people in NA know how to play this game and or want to?), pouches, tote bags, and various system accessories (unless you own or plan to own one, things like the 3DS XL cradle means nothing to you). A lot of people want things like t-shirts, statues/figures, OSTs and the like, which is another part of the problem... other regions GET THESE ITEMS. It isn't just that people want these items, it's the fact that other regions are actually getting these items that is causing a problem. I mean, you look at Japan and they've gotten at least 6 different polo shirts, 4+ Mario shirts and 1 design for TW101, WWHD and Pikmin 3, where as the NA branch got 1 of the 4 Mario shirts and thats it.

admiralvic1736d ago

Even the monthly games aren't that great. If you actually look at them historically, you'll see that several games have repeated, the Wii U games are from the NES promo (so anyone with a Wii U for while probably already have them) and all the items are increasing in price. I'm too lazy to verify, but even things like Bansai Barber went from 150 coins to 250 and many many many items are increasing at an alarming rate (tote bag went from 250 to 400, same with the 3DS card case and many more). This is all while people seem to believe platinum rewards are decreasing in value. While you can argue several years, this years OST or posters for platinum was almost universally viewed as lame.

I mean, I get that it's free, but it's hard to praise a program that asks for my opinion, though I get the impression they don't really care. Offer free prizes, but offer very few with even less added over time, terrible restock times and continue to increase in price. All while rewarding my loyalty with increasingly less interesting / cheaper items. I mean, some companies would include these rewards for spending approx. $600 dollars in a special edition that costs maybe $30 more dollars than the standard game. So yeah, while I appreciate having the program, I don't think it's without problems and couldn't be infinitely better with extremely minor changes.