Playstation 4 3D Textured Carbon Fibre Wrap Decal Review

Hal of Gamer Attitude reviews a Carbon Fibre Wrap for the PS4.

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JoGam1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I'm getting my PS4 Ghost Recon skin from DecalGirl this Friday. I'll post pictures.

Hakoom1742d ago

need to see an opaque cover ps4 :p

HellzAssassin1741d ago

You do realize opaque means you can't see through it. So your comment makes no sense. The PS4 is already opaque... Did you mean Transparent?

mogwaii1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

You well know what he is talking about, like opaque glass, perhaps translucent is a more suitable word for nitpickers.

Hakoom1741d ago

opaque transparent see through glassy etc
something that can be seen through like glass or plastic

blakstarz1742d ago

Looks rather cool actually!

Toon_Link1742d ago

I have this carbon fiber wrap for my vita and I really like it a lot I only used the backside cover since I have a P4G hori cover for the front.

All the pics for the ps4 version look great so I just wanted to chime in that in person it looks just as good. I'll probably end up getting this too, might as well make em match!

The_Sneauxman1742d ago

Now they're reviewing stickers? Must be a slow week.

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