Are Multiplatform Games the Way to Go for Nintendo?

Over the past few months we’ve seen plenty of speculation about Nintendo, stemming mainly from the relatively poor performance of the Wii U since its launch in November of 2012. With the system yet to reach the 6 million units sold mark, a figure the PlayStation 4 managed in just three months, questions have been raised as to whether home hardware is really the best place for Nintendo in the years ahead. Of some of the suggestions made by commentators, one that seems to be gathering momentum among the public is that perhaps Nintendo should start making moves to port its titles over to other, more commercially successful, consoles – but is this really something that’s in the best interests of the Japanese powerhouse?

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iamnsuperman1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

This is a problem. Nintendo could make tons more money going third party (imagine pokemon being available on smart phones) but Nintendo wants to be relevant and by going third party they wouldn't really be relevant anymore since they are not/have not for some time created a broad range of different games for different people. They have very much played things safe which does not fly in the third party market.

Nintendo needs to think about making systems that have appeal not only to consumers but other publishers. They are still in this mind set of we will make a system and people will make games for it. They should be asking the developers/publishers what they want to see in a new console.

SpiralTear1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

While putting any of their games on smartphones is a stupid idea that would damage the cultural identity that Nintendo has, I do agree that being more accommodating for other developers and working with them more closely is a smart idea and is likely to gather more confidence in making games for their consoles.

darthv721737d ago

When I hear the words Nintendo and Multiplatform I can only think of Mario jumping from platform to platform in a game like SMB.

I know thats not the same as what is implied but is multi-platform, just within the same game.

zerocrossing1737d ago

Industry trends aren't on Nintendo's side right now. The vast majority want better looking games, but sadly that often comes at the expense of gameplay and innovation (Note "innovation" not "gimmicks").

Now, I'm not saying Nintendo are the most innovative when it comes to all of their titles, but from a gameplay innovation standpoint, they have had the biggest effect on the industry in the last decade with the Wii.

3rd party devs are turning away from Nintendo due primarily to the consoles hardware limitations. However, I have no doubt that had the Wii U been on par with the Xbone and PS4, then things would certainly be looking brighter for the big N.

NightStalker331737d ago

I hope you realize that with that argument, you could also say that Sony and Microsoft should both go multiplatform? Literally EVERY company would have no reason not to go multi then.

iamnsuperman1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I know. That isn't really my point at all. But Nintendo could make the most out of going multiplatform with some of their franchises. That was a side comment. I said Nintendo wants to stay relevant and I feel if they did go multiplatform they wouldn't be any more and I don't think they will do well, overall, going multiplatform. There is a handful of their series that will sell bucket loads but the rest I don't think will do well enough to warrant going multiplatform. I think those games are only doing well because they are exclusive to a Nintendo platform (while the bigger series move the actual system)

SteamPowered1737d ago

I think you hit it there Nightstalker. Why doesnt the theory apply to all platforms? Because they are building a brand and sticking with it. Thats the difference between first party and 3rd party.

Reeze1737d ago

"They have very much played things safe which does not fly in the third party market. "

Nintendo: Motion controls, tablet controller for flawless off-TV play, double screen gaming, making health and education games mainstream, a unique social media platform...

Most 3rd party devs: COD, COD, COD, COD, COD, COD, COD, wow, a cool new game!, COD, COD.

Tell me which one "has played things safe."

iamnsuperman1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

You have just compared making a system to making games. I will give you that the Wii was a major risk. Its their biggest risk to date. It worked very well. The Wii U is not a risk. It is an attempt of trying to catch a ride on the exploding tablet market. Everything about the Wii U screams this.

Now 3rd parties. True we get a lot of COD COD COD and its, generally awful, clones. But at the start of a generation we always get new ips. Now look at Nintendo who hasn't really made gone away from its established series in years (its competitions is doing far more). COD and it clones are far younger/newer than what Nintendo releases. They recently unveiled that dynasty warriors Zelda skin game. It is like they are either not trying or stuck in the past where those kind of release were acceptable (Sony used to do this too). COD also sells. But these publishers also release other different games

If they went multiplatform (which is where this discussion originally started from; see my comment) they could not survive (to reiterate if they went multiplatform) because they keep doing this. This is why they need to stay making consoles (stay relevant) and here the advice of seeing what developers want not what Nintendo thinks is great). See comment

Reeze1737d ago

I do agree that Nintendo should really test their capabilities in new genres, and I would love that, but I honestly do think that third parties are just as guilty as Nintendo for using the same franchise.

DanManDantheMan1737d ago

Nintendo and playing it safe doesn't go together.

Evilsnuggle1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Nintendo Is a zombie company sorry Nintendo fanBoys. Nintendo is a children's brand . Yes they are successful at selling handheld devices to children but smartphones and tablets will continue To eating Nintendo market share. Nintendo needs to get out of the consoles. They Have Lost THE Core GAMES with there horrible hardware the need much more superior hardware That Sony next-gen to win back core gamers. This will be the last xbox . Xbox has billions in losses over the last 12 years. Multiplayer and powerful hardware are the two best thing that can help Nintendo. Also if PS4 doesn't improve their multiplayer exclusives it Will let x1 back in the console race. The only thing Microsoft do understand That 13-25 year old love online multiplayer games and it sales games and consoles . Why is it not selling consoles now the next gen consoles are still to expensive For The mass market. Nintendo could be as big as Activision Or EA if they got out of the consoles hardware business and focus on software thing they do best. Let the Nintendo fanBoys start with the disagrees but never challenge your opinion what to tell you why you are wrong That's whatFanBoys do they think with their heart not their heads or logic. I offered to buy my 9,10,15 Olds son a wiiU for Christmas they turned it down for new tablets they have a wii have played it since the got a 360. They don't want x1 they want PS4 and so do all their friends.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1737d ago

oh you stop it...
no seriously

lilbroRx1737d ago

You do know that Nintendo does and always has made most of its money off its hardware, right?

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mikel10151737d ago

Are multiplatform games the way to go for Microsoft?

ClydeRadcliffe1737d ago

They'd have to make games worth publishing on other platforms first

Benjaminkno1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Should Nintendo destroy its hardware business when its on the downturn?

Summons751737d ago

No, Never, Not in this world's lifetime, ummm NO.

They said countless times that if they stop making consoles they stop making games, and they even just recently proved what a moronic idea putting a CONTROLLER built game on a cellphone.

Sorry you have no life or love in your life but don't take it out on everyone else you angry little blogger.

ClydeRadcliffe1737d ago

Did you actually read the article? Any of it at all? Or did you assume the article is saying Nintendo SHOULD publish third party? Because it doesn't

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1737d ago

Doesn't matter. If the author ask himself or the reader about Nintendo going third arty means the author is for it.

zerocrossing1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

If Nintendo went 3rd party then they may as well quite the console market all together. People buy Nintendo consoles specifically for their exclusive 1st party games.

It's a difficult topic for discussion, but personally I don't feel Nintendo are hurting enough for them to even consider going 3rd party. At least not for now anyway.

mcstorm1737d ago

I agree. Ok the Wiiu is not selling at the numbers the Wii did but the 3ds is selling very well and the exclusive Nintendo IP's are selling well on the console too. for me seeing Mario on a Sony or Microsoft console would not work half as well as a Nintendo built console as they show off there own consoles best with there own IP's a little bit like Sega did. For me Nintendo will be fine this gen. the Wiiu sales are starting to pickup and they have some big name games on the way too.

Also for me I'm getting less and less interested in 3rd party games and can't wait for a lot of exclusives on all 3 new gen home consoles

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1737d ago

Nintendo already stated they would. They dont want to be like Sega or Rare quality dismiss.

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