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Titanfall is a great installment in the FPS genre, but the campaign leaves a lot to be desired.

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darthv721715d ago

the game is getting good reviews. Cant wait to get it on the 360. Yeah it wont be the same but it will be close.

Magicite1714d ago

finally unbiased review

tiremfej1715d ago

Does Maria scour the net for negative X1 news? A total shill for Sony.

Unreal011715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

No? Maria scours the net for news, news that'll generate clicks which most sites aim to do.


Admitting? No, I'm actually saying that Maria is a click bait hound. It just so happens negative MS news seems to attract more attention on here, nothing suggesting Maria is a Sony fanboy.

darthv721715d ago

so in other words you are admitting that maria is a click bait hound.....right?

Boody-Bandit1714d ago

"so in other words you are admitting that maria is a click bait hound.....right?"

As is 99% of the gaming media.

Elit3Nick1714d ago

You obviously haven't seen some of the stuff that Maria posted in the past...

darthv721715d ago

i know your comment is off topic but i will say that maria has more of a reputation of posting more negative than positive when it comes to xbox related information.

so in light of this review being a 7, you know he is really looking for the one that is a 6, 5, 4 or lower. 7 right now seems to be the lowest. but give him time.

to everyone else...its all just good fun dont take it so serious.

MRMagoo1231714d ago

Ever thought that there is just more negative news about the xbone in general? The people that submit the articles usually are the writers if them, they just submit them. Is it Maria's fault xbone is bad? Nope , it's MS fault for making it that way.

darthv721714d ago

@magoo...there is no real aggregate to know the good vs bad in regards to xbox information. so to think there is more negative than positive is not entirely accurate.

Given the history of a site like N4G, the bad generally outweighs the good due to the amount of controversy the various articles are trying to stir. For all we know there could actually be more good news articles about xbox in general but they would not provide the kind of influence to the readers that a good old fashioned drag through the mud type of negative article can generate.

Selective process of passing or failing articles on this site is often questioned. And in many ways there are good articles that fail because they do not promote any kind of debate that brings in the readers to discuss.

then other times you have the purely bias articles with no merit that get passed on to the front page and create chaos in the comments sections. i will admit that it is entertaining to read those comments.

RedSoakedSponge1714d ago

would anyone seriously buy this game for the campaign? lmao

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