Master Chief Battles Captain America in a Live Action Short

Bat in the Sun’s latest live action VFX short features a duel between Halo’s Master Chief and Marvel’s Captain America. This short is the latest episode in Bat in the Sun’s “Super Power Beat Down” series, which pits various pop culture icons versus each other in a battle to the death.

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Shadonic1742d ago

wait wait wait, how did cap win against The Master chief the dude took out a group of top of the line agents by himself at like 14 and his armor literally reacts as fast as he can think. (im just fanboying here ) seriously though great video I would of done more with the hand to hand combat including a plasma sword and probably would of ended it on a stand still.

Team_Litt1741d ago

Cap is the ultimate super soldier with an impenetrable shield.
Ultimate super soldier with indestructible shield > ultimate soldier with shield made out of light(?) and a crush on a computer program.

Shadonic1741d ago

Shield or not i believe the MC would still have the best chance at winning. The dude rides broken exploding space ships into planets for fun. Wouldn't say he has a crush on a computer shes just one of the closest things to him right now. I think he still has feelings for his childhood sweetheart that he had to turn a blind eye to as to not lower moral for his soldiers. I honestly wonder if she's still alive. MC would grab that shield and kick his ass. The whole hardlight thing I doubt that pure hardlight could be defeated by a shield even if its animantium, i dont event think chiefs over shield is even hardlight which in the Halo universe I believe is the hardest thing they got and its pure light made into a physical form it would of at least bounce him back if i can bounce back tank shells at close range in Halo 4 . I'm not really mad at the outcome i'm really just more interested in starting a debate over who people thought should of won.

Elit3Nick1741d ago

You have to remember that Chief is several magnitudes stronger than Cap is, but I think it should've been a draw

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1741d ago

Yup fans vote on the outcome.

KonsoruMasuta1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

The cap is a super soldier. His shield is unbreakable to mere mortals, taking hits from the Hulk and strikes from Thor (Yes, Captain America has gone toe to toe with a God)
He can bench press over 1000 pounds and run a mile in just over a minute.

Cap is no light weight. They just don't show it in the current media.

Balcrist1741d ago

You realize that caps ability to bench 1000 lb means nothing when Chief's armor weighs a couple of tons...

KonsoruMasuta1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )


No, it doesn't. A Cheif's spartan suit of armor weighs half a ton, not a couple of tons.
Chief's armor was half a ton.

Cap could lift Chief and his armor if he wanted.

mhunterjr1741d ago

Well done vid. But if MC brings anything other than the Halo1 assault rifle, he wins lol. That gun is awful!

Fz6soldier1741d ago

Cap has fought guys a lot tougher than Master Chief.