inFamous Second Son Dev on Competing with Titanfall: PS4 Is Doing Well, Hopes for Good Attach Rate

"Undoubtedly there is a lot of pressure on Sucker Punch to deliver with inFamous Second Son. Being the first AAA budget exclusive title post PS4 launch and competing directly against Xbox One's Titanfall can give rise to a lot of expectations."

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PeaSFor1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

not sure if its supposed to be "competing with Titanfall", after all, a twitch fps is way way WAAAAAYYYYYYYY more mainstream than super hero/vilain games, theyres blatantly no way InFamous:SS will sell more than Titanfall, its a no brainer and the fact that it will obviously sell less doesnt mean that its a bad thing, its just less mainstream.

Neonridr1742d ago

it's definitely a smaller audience. However you do have to take into account that PS4 owners are now looking for their next title to quench their thirst, and Infamous is the next large scale AAA to release.

NewMonday1742d ago

it will be closer than you think

inFAMOUSSS had 600k pre-orders as of last week compared to 570k for Titanfal on XB1.

Deividas1742d ago

I have not bought a game for the PS4 since my first 3 on the first day, and now going to buy this. I think it will sell fine, not a lot of AAA games are out for choices anyways. Cant wait to play this.

joab7771742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

It wont sell near as many being only on ps4. But it isnt about how many it sells but how impactful it is for the future of said console.

I can see it selling 2-3 million and becoming a reason our faith in the ps4 grows even more.

Titanfall will help xbone for sure. But many will buy on pc and 360, and comparisons will b made. Many will point to Titanfall as a reason why u should buy a ps4 and a PC.

NewMonday1742d ago

"it isnt about how many it sells but how impactful it is for the future of said console"

that is a great point, inFAMOUS being a big beautiful sandbox game will actually show how great next gen can be.

NewMonday1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

sorry double post

Pain1742d ago

I basically bought my PS4 day one for bragging rights and inFamous it's been a long wait but I keep busy with ffxiv on my big a$$ pc but that thing will be a 2k+ paperweight when I get iSS.

theDivision1742d ago

This would have been my point. PS4 users (including myself) haven't really gotten a huge next gen game (I think ACIV came close, and I've already beaten too so I'm fresh out of next gen) so I normally don't get into the genre that Infamous SS is in but it just looks too good with no real competition to pass up. I think a lot of other PS4 users are doing the same.

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GribbleGrunger1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

It's starvation versus life support.

Starvation could win ... We'll see.

pyramidshead1742d ago

Technically I:SS could always have a considerably larger attach rate purely on the fact that it's an offline game. Think of all those people who are disapoint because they really wanted to buy into some TF but can't because of lame or unreliable connections.
Devs limit their attach rate straight out of the gate if their games are online only.

Majin-vegeta1742d ago

Exclusive vs Multiplat case closed.I think I:SS will do good.

lonewolfjedi1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

it depends if you're looking at titanfall sales only on xbone than infamous and titafall will be pretty close.

Grown Folks Talk1742d ago

Only deciding between disc or digital for Infamous. If Titanfall had a legit campaign, i'd give it a shot.

Grown Folks Talk1742d ago

Am I not deciding between disc or digital, or would I not give Titanfall a shot? Which do you disagree with?

TM3331742d ago

Seriously, some people are crazy with those disagrees.

Conzul1742d ago

They disagreed because you don't consider Titanfall's "campaign" a legitimate one.

Grown Folks Talk1742d ago

Ah. Lack of clarity disagrees. I meant a campaign I can play by myself or co-op, w/o needing real people on the opposition.

Eldyraen1742d ago

I agree/disagree based on if I am doing or feeling the same as original point.

In this case it would be based on the campaign comment. I can see why many see it (and lack of singleplayer even more so) as a reason not to pick it up but it isn't enough of a reason for me personally to pass up on it as the game was designed solely for multiplayer.

Holding it against them (as many reviews/opinions have) just seems like an excuse to hate it. If you (well reviewers not You) don't like it simply pass on it but don't complain when the game was touted as multiplayer only the entire time and if you are a reviewer either accept that and move on to actual mechanics/technical aspect of the game or just pass to someone else as otherwise you are just doing it for a check or clickbait. Trying to simply cash in on people's legitimate interests is a large part of why journalism as a whole isn't taken as seriously as it used to be.

I would had loved a singleplayer/coop campaign myself as per a traditional FPS but I won't hold it against them as it wasn't what they wanted to make. I don't hate on great singleplayer games as no multiplayer is added (half the time I would rather they scrapped weak/bad multiplayer altogether but sometimes a "tacked on" multiplayer mode turns out great). The reverse goes for this game although I think a solid campaign could had worked well.

Still, I bought it for what it is not what it could had been. I think Respawn did great and for those that don't like their vision I have one thing to say: there are other games out there. Most are like you (op) and have simple and legitimate (from your point of view) reason they don't want to pick it up but at least have the decency not to rant about it making it a bad game.

It are haters (like metacritic trolls) that are the problem with the gaming community. They are thankfully a minority but also the most vocal which can get frustrating at times.

Grown Folks Talk1742d ago

I don't hate it, or rate it low for a lack of single player. I just personally only play campaign or co-op campaign with friends. I knew going in it was MP only, thus why i'm not buying it.

rebeljoe141742d ago

Let's ALL agreed to Disagreed

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Dark111742d ago

Both games will sell well.

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