Parappa the Rapper voice actor accused of scamming fans

"The voice actor behind everyone’s favorite kung-fu chopping, noodle-stomping rapping dog recently got on several fans’ bad side after being accused of scamming fans out of money.

Parappa the Rapper star and professional rap artist Dred Foxx, who has voiced the titular character since its 1997 PS1 inception, had allegedly agreed in late 2012 to record ten lines of dialogue in his Parappa voice for a fanmade animation project by two college students named Jacob Collins and Cameron Perry.

The two students agreed to pay Foxx $100, but several months past with no results. Collins and Perry initially understood Foxx’s rationale for the lack of developments at first, owing it to the effects of Superstorm Sandy in late Oct. 2012 and the rapper’s computer issues. Foxx even said that if he couldn’t do it within a respectable amount of time that he would refund the money. However, after more weeks of in-action and a Facebook post where Foxx asked fans for donations for his broken iPad, the fan animators demanded a refund, threatening legal action." - Patrick Kulikowski

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IRapeLolis1735d ago

He raps for a living,of course he is a criminal.

Software_Lover1735d ago

Wall street, bankers, politicians, and insurance ceo's are the real criminals.

Oh yeah, and murderers.

pompombrum1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Lol! sadly half the ones you mentioned are as bad or even worse than murderers.

matrixman921735d ago

read this on neogaf the other day from the guy it happened to. This VA guy is a complete scammer and a dick

creatchee1735d ago

Finally this story is getting coverage. Hope the guys get their money back.

NihonjinChick1735d ago

Wait! Did I read that correctly? He asked for fan donations on Facebook, for his broken IPad?

creatchee1735d ago

Well yeah, because when you're that guy from that thing a decade ago, people are likely to throw their money at you!

Everlastingfate1735d ago


Spell check your articles. So unprofessional.

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