Pixelitis Picks: Mechs we think are totally badass

"With Titanfall finally making its landing in retail and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes filling that stealth action/mechanized nuclear weapon void in many fans’ hearts next Tuesday, it got us thinking again about one of the most badass sci-fi creations ever: freaking mechs.

Mechs come in many varieties. They’re usually piloted by someone sitting within its chassis, and whether they’re the clambering Metal Gear Rex or the swift and deadly Jehuty, we can all agree that they’re a thrill to pilot.

So with that in mind, jump into the cockpit with us as we reminisce on some our favorite mechs in gaming." - Pixelitis Staff

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Godmars2901047d ago

Has there even been a hint of Ground Zeroes having a Metal Gear? Might be an odd question to ask but I'm still asking it.

GentlemenRUs1047d ago

Can't be called MGS without a MG :P

Irishguy951047d ago

Probably will have something...Shagohad -> Peace walking thing -> (Phantom pain)? -> Metal gear prototype -> Metal Gear Rex -> Ray -> Rex and Ray and the big ship etc

Ground Zeroes won't because that is just a demo for Phantom pain...

Slugg3r1047d ago

In GZ, ZEKE is mentioned, dunno if showed. No boss battles in this game though...

Z5011047d ago

MGS:GZ Is not a demo.

Kyosuke_Sanada1047d ago

Wow....Vavel! That takes me back....

atensur1047d ago Show