Nvidia announces 'world's fastest notebook GPU'

Nvidia has announced the new 800M range of notebook graphics cards, including what it claims to be the “world’s fastest notebook GPU”

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Tundra1738d ago

Recent findings about the 880M suggest that it's still Kepler architecture (GK104 - as the article notes). What it doesn't note is that it has the exact same number cores as a 780M, just clocked higher. Mem. bandwidth is the same as the 780M (256-bit bus as well so it's clocked the same). The whopper here is that it supposedly sports 8GB VRAM which is double of what the 780M sports, you probably wont even use 2GB with this card.

In other words, not worth the upgrade.

OpenGL1738d ago

Yeah, I think the only true Maxwell GPU currently available is in the GTX 750 and 750Ti.

Nerdmaster1738d ago

I'm still a little confused about Maxwell. It promised a great jump in performance while decreasing power consumption. But GTX 750 Ti didn't have a great jump in performance comparing to GTX 750. And now the mid-range notebook GPUs are Maxwell because of power efficiency, but the high-end ones are Kepler because of power.

I am waiting for the GTX 880 because I thought it would be much powerful than the GTX 780, but now I'm asking myself if the wait is worth or not. Instead of waiting many months for a marginal difference, I would find it better to buy a GTX 780 Ti now.