One Piece Unlimited World Red – European Boxarts for PSVita, PS3, Wii U and N3DS

Recently we made an article about Namco Bandai Europe releasing a trailer confirming the game to release in Europe for PSVita, PS3, Wii U and N3DS. Now, we also get a good look at the European Boxarts of the game.

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Eamon1738d ago

lol some people are going to get pissed at that spoiler mate

lizard812881738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Please come to America! I have the JPN version, but I got stuck

I'm suppose to upgrade something, but I don't know what, in order to move on.


It is confirmed it is coming to America!

The game will also be released in America. 3DS and PS3 will get the game at retail, while Wii U and Vita will see a digital release.

killerluffy1231738d ago

Digital release for Vita and Wii u ? Lol where u got that ....

lizard812881737d ago

From their press conference....

Kaitou1738d ago

Good thing it's coming to America as well.