This Is What Next-Gen Fifa Would Look Like In CRYENGINE Part #2

DSOGaming writes: "Remember our story about next-gen Fifa in CRYENGINE? Well, YouTube’s member ‘Gokhan Karadayi’ has released a 3 minutes video, showcasing what a next-gen Fifa game would look like in CRYENGINE. This will definitely blow you away, and will give you a taste of what EA and Konami may achieve on their soccer titles."

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Neonridr1653d ago

That is very impressive looking. I love how the net reacts accurately to the ball.

john21653d ago

funny thing is that this was created by a single person. Imagine what we'd be getting if an entire team was taking advantage of CRYENGINE

BelkingOfSony1653d ago

Wow, Emirates Stadium looks stunning.

forager1653d ago

Can this actually happen?

BX811653d ago

That sux video is down.

john21653d ago

YouTube has major issues today, the video was not removed.

BX811653d ago

Back up, damn good looking.

andrewsqual1653d ago

Would it be a generic fps game? Or a generic sniper fps game? Or a generic Assassin's Creed combat simulation game i.e. ancient Rome era QTE fest?
Because in my book, there are no games that have ever actually been impressive on that engine.

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