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Battlefield 4 Now Has Annoying In-Game Advertisements of NFS Movie & Others

Now here is another perfect example of why consumers hate Electronic Arts so much and have voted for them as Worst Company for two consecutive years. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

daggertoes83  +   380d ago | Well said
I can understand ads on websites and free service but this is to much. You pay for a game maybe even become premium member and have to deal with this is just a joke.
WorldGamer  +   380d ago
100% agree with this statement, well said.
ZodTheRipper  +   379d ago
Rumor has, dictionaries have started to associate EA to the word customer-unfriendly.
sonarus  +   379d ago
I hate ads. You hate ads we all hate ads. I pay for Hulu plus and i still have to watch ads that can last up to a minute which i find to be quite annoying. However i don't just hate ads for the sake of ads. I hate ads that interrupt whatever service i am trying to enjoy.

This ad of just a picture (essentially a fuking flyer) has no effect on me. As long as it does not slow down the loading process noticeably, then i have no real reason to complain. I havent booted battlefield 4 in a while so maybe it is worse than this image is letting on. But i really don't see this as something worth getting bent out of shape for. I don't think i have ever come accross any advertising in any game that has annoyed me in the least.
Scenarist  +   378d ago
@sonarus while I do agree with you ... its the PRINCIPLE of the matter
Muffins1223  +   380d ago
You pay for movies too but you still get ads on the dvd...same thing with this.As long as they don't appear while im playing the game im fine.
shivvy24  +   379d ago
I hate DVD ads , this is one reason people pirate
Fishy Fingers  +   379d ago
Good idea Shiv. That way they have to recoup their lost revenue by other means; more adverts. Way to stick it to the man.

People make a fuss out of anything.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   379d ago
Most DVDs/Blu Rays let you skip all the previews
N7KIRK  +   379d ago
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N7KIRK  +   379d ago

Totally agreed. These types of people are always on the prowl for just one more thing to cry about. Next week it will probably be box art again, Jesus Christ.
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   379d ago
No type of advertising gimmick can save that trash ass movie.
SheenuTheLegend  +   378d ago
atleast now we know why they removed online passes with online adds
mochachino  +   380d ago
So they had time to code in ads but not fix the code?
CrossingEden  +   379d ago
Ok, I'm extremely convinced at this point, there's literally only one person still working on this game....
There's no other explanation.
T2  +   378d ago
This x1000... Pathetic you figure how to put ads in a game to make more off a game that's clearly broken
MaxwellBuddha  +   378d ago
Jesus, EA is really gunning for the hat-trick this year.
sgtGanGreen  +   379d ago
It's in main menu. Like you people hang out in menu. You play the freaking game
OrangePowerz  +   379d ago
It's about principal. You pay 60 bucks for the game and 50 for premium to get the DLC and still get ad's thrown at you in the menu?

The should rather fix the game instead of adding ad's.
N64fan   378d ago | Spam
OrangePowerz  +   378d ago
Autocorect does it automatically. That and I'm from Germany. Not every person on this planet has English as their native language. :P
N64fan   377d ago | Spam
TheBurger29  +   379d ago
I usally like my game menu to be about the game.. not some stupid movie or any other ad. EA is the worst company ever.
TheTowelBoy  +   379d ago
Tempest317  +   379d ago
This is the sole reason I dont care about Battlefront. DICE/EA...no thanks.
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Aces17  +   379d ago
Still better than Ghost....
lonewolfjedi  +   379d ago
when ea looks at us this is all they see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
chinlu  +   379d ago
didn't we already know this?
Kinger8938  +   379d ago
EA was almost running out of nails for BF4's coffin, and now this

Whats the betting even more focus is moved away from bf4 to focus on titan fall
Nodoze  +   379d ago
Just when you think EA could not possibly FCK things up any further, they do!

A rousing universal salute to the EA empty suit that put this on the fast track. What a tool.
AC2020x  +   379d ago
Wait, people still play this game? People still play things that EA makes? Why.. They don't care at all about the consumer, and their games are complete garbage! Please sell your EA games and play something worth playing!
T2  +   378d ago
What blows me away is people's hype for dragons age 3... Number 2 was so clearly rehashed garbage actually less than half as good as one, yet people are hyped already... A fool and his money are soon parted. (and I'm the biggest bf fan)
vallencer  +   378d ago
People still play the game because people enjoy it. I still play it on occasion. I even bought titanfall, which they only published, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Why don't you stop telling people what to play and who to like? You may not like them or their games but plenty of people do. And of course EA doesn't care about its consumers. You really think ANY company does? They all care about one thing, money.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   379d ago
It's not a big deal. It's just an ad for NFS movie witch is their game franchise. Now if they had McDonalds or Pepsi ads then yeah I'd be piss.
worldwidegaming  +   379d ago
You my friend are the reason we are in this mess. It's breaking the 4th wall for gods sake!
vallencer  +   378d ago
Pretty sure advertisements have been in games for a long time. Hell burnout paradise had them and I'm pretty sure games before that had them too. It's going to happen regardless if you buy their games or not. I mean for Christ sake all you have to do is push A to bypass it.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   378d ago
I'm the reason? It's not my fault they want to advertise they're franchise. All companies do it. It's no different than commercials on TV.
T2  +   378d ago
First they came for your neighbors, and you didn't say anything.....
Lou Ferrigno  +   379d ago
They have been doing this on the NHL (and probably other EA sports titles too) for a while now.. It's not intrusive, but like others have said , it's about the principle..
I didn't just have $60 laying around and decided to buy a game.. I worked hard for my money and bought a game i genuinely enjoy , not to be taken advantage of by having ads thrown in there.
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TheBurger29  +   379d ago
I suppose if you have alot of EA titles then you are probably fine with this, but for every other person who buys good games we dont like this shit
Lou Ferrigno  +   378d ago

First of all, let me state that i never said it was fine or i was ok with it..And i don't have a lot of EA titles but i also would disagree that not all of them are "bad" games ..
Just because i have issues with certain things in the games (like ALL games) doesn't mean it sucks.

NHL 14 is my favorite sports game ever but doesn't mean it's perfect or doesn't have flaws..
Kivespussi  +   378d ago
Yeah I almost forgot. NHL has a freaking honda (or... Was it volvo?) In the pause screen and before games the announcer says that it's the official vehicle of NHL... I don't really care about the ads on the boards because they are more realistic. Better than having nothing in there. Even better would be parodic logos of companies or something like GTA V does. It'd be funnier and not as obvious attempt at milking their game.
But the point being that EA is greedy. But who can blame them really? If I could make millions of dollars a month without doing pretty much anything I would do it. It's the mass market's fault since they are the ones buying them
Dudebro90  +   379d ago
EA will never learn.
The_devils_chum  +   379d ago
I wish adblock work on psn and xbox live. Ironic if pc players dont have adds and consoles do, and we pay a yearly fee wtf.
Export  +   379d ago
Most ppl will say I will never buy a EA game which I find hard to believe since they made a ton of good games . But I will not buy day one bf5 or bfbc3 until I know the bugs are fixed and NO ads are in the game! This is a joke . If you feel this way then tweet them and tell them .
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worldwidegaming  +   379d ago
Ads are not bad when it's tv as that's how everyone gets paid. When you pay for a game and get ads In game it's treating the customer like garbage. I voted with my wallet.
It seems they are sure you will not quit. EA the drug dealer of the gaming world...your too hooked to quit!
They make money every time you see an ad! EVERYTIME!
mcarsehat  +   379d ago
Is it in the actual game or just the menus? because an ad on a menu isn't as bad. rainbow 6 vegas 2 had ads in the games on the walls, same with Blacklght when it first came out.
leahcim  +   379d ago
EA must flop now!!!
nohopeinc  +   378d ago
This needs to be elevated to a federal level. Alert the press, EA is advertising in the game. We have also just found out that EA only cares about money, so it is safe to assume they are operating as any intelligent business would.

2pacalypsenow  +   378d ago
I played last night for over an hour, didnt see a single ad on ps4 and premium
2pacalypsenow  +   378d ago
Hey xbox live has ads for everything in the dashboard and people pay for live too
worldwidegaming  +   378d ago
And thats a shame...
DeadManMcCarthy  +   378d ago
i enjoyed bf3 a lot more than bf4.
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DeadManMcCarthy  +   378d ago
i used to like ea and i gave them the benefit of the doubt in the past, but this has gone too far and i'm starting to realize why they're getting all the hate.

i'm one of the few who enjoyed bf3s campaign and bf4 doesn't come close. bf4 just feels cheap, cheap looping OST, cheap sound fx, it just doesn't feel like a full game. disappointing.
bandit905  +   378d ago
I don't have problems with ads... As long as there placed in the right spots, I rather watch a 15second ad, instead of a 15 second loading picture
MicDude  +   378d ago
It's EA aka the epitome of corporate greed. You should have expected this.

Side Note:

I really REALLY dislike EA. They always end up ruining potentially great games by forcing the developers to rush the game and make it more 'appealing' to a wider audience. I think that gamers will eventually get tired of this crap and start funding projects themselves. Star Citizen is a great example of this.
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Taz1337  +   378d ago
EA will be EA.
AO1JMM  +   375d ago
Seriously lame but I am never there much anyway as I go straight to a conquest game.

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