Battlefield 4 Now Has Annoying In-Game Advertisements of NFS Movie & Others

Now here is another perfect example of why consumers hate Electronic Arts so much and have voted for them as Worst Company for two consecutive years.

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daggertoes831592d ago

I can understand ads on websites and free service but this is to much. You pay for a game maybe even become premium member and have to deal with this is just a joke.

WorldGamer1592d ago

100% agree with this statement, well said.

ZodTheRipper1591d ago

Rumor has, dictionaries have started to associate EA to the word customer-unfriendly.

sonarus1591d ago

I hate ads. You hate ads we all hate ads. I pay for Hulu plus and i still have to watch ads that can last up to a minute which i find to be quite annoying. However i don't just hate ads for the sake of ads. I hate ads that interrupt whatever service i am trying to enjoy.

This ad of just a picture (essentially a fuking flyer) has no effect on me. As long as it does not slow down the loading process noticeably, then i have no real reason to complain. I havent booted battlefield 4 in a while so maybe it is worse than this image is letting on. But i really don't see this as something worth getting bent out of shape for. I don't think i have ever come accross any advertising in any game that has annoyed me in the least.

Scenarist1590d ago

@sonarus while I do agree with you ... its the PRINCIPLE of the matter

Muffins12231592d ago

You pay for movies too but you still get ads on the dvd...same thing with this.As long as they don't appear while im playing the game im fine.

shivvy241591d ago

I hate DVD ads , this is one reason people pirate

Fishy Fingers1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Good idea Shiv. That way they have to recoup their lost revenue by other means; more adverts. Way to stick it to the man.

People make a fuss out of anything.

mydyingparadiselost1591d ago

Most DVDs/Blu Rays let you skip all the previews

N7KIRK1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


Totally agreed. These types of people are always on the prowl for just one more thing to cry about. Next week it will probably be box art again, Jesus Christ.


No type of advertising gimmick can save that trash ass movie.

SheenuTheLegend1590d ago

atleast now we know why they removed online passes with online adds

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mochachino1592d ago

So they had time to code in ads but not fix the code?

CrossingEden1591d ago

Ok, I'm extremely convinced at this point, there's literally only one person still working on this game....
There's no other explanation.

T21590d ago

This x1000... Pathetic you figure how to put ads in a game to make more off a game that's clearly broken

MaxwellBuddha1590d ago

Jesus, EA is really gunning for the hat-trick this year.

sgtGanGreen1591d ago

It's in main menu. Like you people hang out in menu. You play the freaking game

OrangePowerz1591d ago

It's about principal. You pay 60 bucks for the game and 50 for premium to get the DLC and still get ad's thrown at you in the menu?

The should rather fix the game instead of adding ad's.

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OrangePowerz1590d ago

Autocorect does it automatically. That and I'm from Germany. Not every person on this planet has English as their native language. :P

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TheBurger291591d ago

I usally like my game menu to be about the game.. not some stupid movie or any other ad. EA is the worst company ever.

TheTowelBoy1591d ago


Tempest3171591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

This is the sole reason I dont care about Battlefront. DICE/ thanks.

Aces171591d ago

Still better than Ghost....

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