Titanfall handles well in the wild, but those campaigns are a mess – opinion

Titanfall reviews happened on Tuesday, but we held off to give you a fairer view of how the online shooter handles outside of a press environment. Dave Cook says it’s fine, but feels the campaigns are pointless.

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DevilishSix1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I don't like this idea that its ok to forget sp campaigns. Without them to set up the game world and lore how can you become invested in what is going on with the gameplay. Would anyone give a crap about Master Chief and spartans if it was just multiplayer, no. Titanfall is a shallow experience for just some quick fraging, no characters or lore to care or think about. I am playing Spec Ops The Line and what an interesting story to think about and immerse yourself in. Titanfall really needed a true sp campaign to set up its world. Just my thought.