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HurtfulTimez1737d ago

Hmmm I really do think MS are wasting their time by going after the Wii crowd with casual gaming motion controls I believe that time(motion gaming) has been and gone. MS really do need to innovate with games for kinect for it to interest me

Naga1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I think you're underestimating the size and importance of this demographic.

christocolus1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Exactly..i enjoyed playing the first two games with my friends and family and both games actually sold over 6million copies on 360. I think this one will do well too, i see parents buying this for their kids. Im definitly getting a copy for myself and another for my nephew.

HurtfulTimez1736d ago

No i get how big it is but at the time it was an experience no one had experienced before - motion controlled games in the living room i bought a wii straight away, lots of families bought the wii for it and even at my old work place we had a wii olympics with the wii sports for charity

However with kinect none of this happened... EVERY person i know who bought the original kinect has either sold it or does not use it at all for gaming when i ask why the response is always it "it was good at the time" giving the assumption that motion controlled games was a quick fad that is now slowly going.
How many people do you know that are buying an xboxone solely for kinect games and features? because with me its none and i know about 30-40 with an xboxone.

Naga1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@ HurtfulTimez

I get what you're saying, but I feel that you are unfairly judging the potential of the Kinect 2.0 based on the performance of the Kinect 1.0. The issue with doing this is the fact that the new iteration of the hardware have massively improved performance and capabilities. While nobody will deny that these advantages over the old hardware have not yet been capitalized on, I think the differences between the two should guide us to give the new Kinect more of a chance.

Let's wait and see what sort of games developers make, and remember that the new hardware has only been out for a handful of months. The demographic is alive and well - we just need to give it a little time and see what creative developers can create.

(Personally, I think Project Spark is going to be some very fertile ground for this sort of experimentation. Also, I would completely geek out if I got to verbally dictate all of my responses in the next Mass Effect.)

HurtfulTimez1736d ago

Don't get me wrong I do think that kinect has some unbelievable potential for games I never once said that but at the moment I want it to be used uniquely with the voice controls to show the potential of the kinect and why ms bundled it, but for games like this, standing up with your arm out pretending to pull a throttle or grabbing thin air when rock climbing is just well... I won't explain any more on that one.
I just wish ms would cater for more core gamers than wasting good talent ie rare on games like this

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-Superman-1736d ago

Stop saying wasting. I play hardcore games but sometime i wanna play something else like Party game. You have no right to say that "MS is wasting their time".

HurtfulTimez1736d ago

Freedom of speech means I can and have the right to say what the hell I like about ms actually I like party games too but motion control gaming is coming to its end therefore I think ms are wasting their time

Naga1736d ago

@ HurtfulTimez

Actually, the 1st Amendment freedom of speech you are referring to only protects you from GOVERNMENT infringement upon your right to "say what they hell [you] like about ms". Your right to freedom of speech does nothing to protect you from the non-government regular Joe from making you shut up.

And at any rate, he meant "you have no right" in the sense that "you have no reasonable justification". If you're going to argue with him, it would be more effective to argue with what he meant rather than some narrow interpretation of what he said.

HurtfulTimez1736d ago

@naga thanks but 1st amendment does not apply to me as I'm not from the US and yes I can say wha the hell I like about any company actually just like you have the right to reply to and any regular joe telling me to shut up (not making because that would end up violent)
so I stand by my comment and do t really care about what others who don't really know me think so I'm glad to get that cleared up. Cheers

I think = OPINION btw

Bigpappy1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Forget the kids and casual. I LOVE Kinect Sports! I mean, I will let them play too, but I fully enjoy just breaking records on my own.

@christocolus: I agree with you, Ksport will be a huge hit again when it is released next month. It will have a similar reaction to how people are reacting to PVZ. The online bowling and tennis will be big, with so many now having Kinect.

Automatic791736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@ Hurt

Kinect Sports is the best way to show case Kinect.

Don't forget they also have D4 and Fantasia Music evolved. So time will tell how good Kinect can be. Also most games already have Kinect implementation that don't take anything from core experience. That I believe in my opinion is key to bringing Kinect more relevance by allowing gamers to enjoy as an option.

Note: Can't wait for Mass effect voice commands again.

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Neonridr1737d ago

cool that the characters are built off of your actual features.

I love how everyone in the crowd was most likely paid to be super excited all the time.. it's like watching a Saturday morning infomercial.

Studio-YaMi1736d ago

I had a cringe the whole time watching that,I totally agree,seemed so fake & "facepalm.jpg" worthy.

realprgamer1737d ago

Looks really nice the Kinect conversion

n4gamingm1736d ago

day one purchase for me need a break from shooter, shooter, rpg, shooter, shooter, shooter lol

mhunterjr1736d ago

Great family game. Can't wait!

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