These Fantastic White DualShock 4 Controllers are Only for the Best Killzone: Shadow Fall Players

Looks like the best Killzone: Shadow Fall players are being rewarded with something quite special, a white DualShock 4 controller.

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Omar911042d ago

wellpp.... not for me lol

core_51042d ago

it´s just a controller, not fantastic ... but otherwise it does not fit with n4g in mind LOL

Crazyglues1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

So what your saying is it needs to be a Custom N4G controller... ok I got ya...


There you go... LoL

||.........___||............ ||

Neonridr1042d ago

I will eventually have to purchase a second controller, so I will wait a little while longer to see if Sony ever releases a white DS4. Nice look to it.

Ultr1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Im sure they will release it eventualy.
At least standart white.
On ps3 the white one was my Uncharted controller :P

Patrick_pk441042d ago

The White controller is my favourite for the PS3 too. I'd be happy with another one for a PS4.

XtraTrstrL1042d ago

That's pretty cool of them.

young7yang1042d ago

already own one.. its called importing!

They are sold in japan and hongkong

Abriael1042d ago

That's amazing, considering that Sony never released a white DualShock 4 in Japan, hong kong or anywhere else. Only black, blue and red.

Care to restate? :D

Eonjay1042d ago

Which retailer did you order through?

Abriael1042d ago

One from the future, since there's no official white dualshock 4 controller on sale.

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