Super Smash Bros. director impressed with PlayStation 4

Gematsu :

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and for Nintendo 3DS director Masahiro Sakurai shared his impressions on PlayStation 4 during a column.

The Sora Ltd. and Project Sora founder, mostly known for working on Nintendo platforms, is generally open about his appreciation of other platforms.

“Let me begin by saying that I don’t care for faction wars like Nintendo versus SCEJA,” Sakurai opened in the column.

“PlayStation 4 is good-looking, the DualShock 4 is light and using it feels good, Remote Play can reliably handle even action games, and the network functionality is well done. The machine power is another attractive factor, there is no loss of detail in the image, and it looks so natural and spontaneous that you often forget that you’re playing a game.”

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OsirisBlack1740d ago

Very high praise from a competitor. Pretty refreshing actually.

chrissx1740d ago

Everybodys impressed with the Playstation 4. A true next gen console

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TomahawkX1740d ago

Nintendo and Sony should collaborate on a game, something to bring back Japanese gamers to consoles, like FF7 Remake or something lol.

Inception1740d ago

Yeah, it will be interesting to see devs from Sony like japan studio, collaborated with Nintendo to make one amazing JRPG for PS3/PS4/WiiU. Both company had amazing and talented people who can produce mind blowing games.

dcj05241740d ago

Why not include the VITA and 3DS?

king_george1740d ago

They should just merge. Seriously. Just do it guys.

princejb1341740d ago

That would be cool but their ideas are completely different

jaymacx1740d ago

Thats why it would work. Their differences would help cover both of their weaknesses. It would be like snes 2.0 with a great balance of family friendly and mature with no weaknesses in the line up at all.

izumo_lee1740d ago

I agree! Most of the people who were in charge when the very publicized disagreement occurred are no longer there. Even if it was for just one game I would love to see what both these companies can do if they work together.

raWfodog1740d ago

Very rarely do industry insiders display fanboyish behavior. They readily praise each others platforms while still touting their own.

fonger081740d ago

All they need to do is come to this site to figure out how messed up the fans are, to remember why they don't display that fanboyish behavior.

GameSpawn1740d ago

Microsoft has not been as great as Sony and Nintendo in this regard though.

It is a mark of professionalism if you can praise, congratulate, or otherwise put any positive light on a competitor while still concentrating on your own product's shining points.

One thing I've noticed of both Sony and Nintendo is their tendency to never mention their competition directly by name when talking negatively. We all know who they are referring to by context, but names are never explicitly mentioned. Microsoft however has a history of direct potshots in the past and as far as I can remember a blissfully short amount of praise or goodwill comments in comparison.

fonger081740d ago

I wonder if he can now push Nintendo to implement a decent a structure online network now that he's played around with the competition. Beyond anything else, I think that's where Nintendo could most improve.

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The story is too old to be commented.