Watch Dogs Tidbits: No Car Customization, Free-Roam Chat, Side Content & More

Watch Dogs is quickly approaching its May 27th launch date and while we seem to have a lot of information about the game already, we have new details surrounding car customization, free-roam chat as well as the type of side content or activities you'll be able to engage in.

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Fz6soldier1741d ago

They better hope the next-gen versions of GTAV isn't announced before Watchdogs launch.

Meltic1741d ago

Well i would buy Watch dogs first against gta 5

SolidGear31741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I'd buy Rambo before GTA

theshredded1741d ago

I wouldn't care less for GTAV,I'd rather buy a fresh mature game

DoomeDx1741d ago

Mature? It doesnt even have blood effects :p

Fz6soldier1741d ago

The only thing different here is the hacking, other than that, it seems like it falls way short of everything else when compared to GTAV.

C-H-E-F1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"I'd rather buy a fresh mature game."

uhhhh really bro? I hope this translates to "I had GTAV on PS3 and I don't see the point in buying the same game that will have mostly the same content when I can buy a GTA Sandbox-like clone that offers new possibilities and abilities within the game world so I can experience something fresh opposed to having something I've already had."

Now if that is what that translate to then I say hmm interesting... but if it translates to:

"I'd rather buy Watchdogs over GTAV because GTA is the same kind of game over and over they never add anything new and i'd just try a GTA Clone for the same dollar amount"

Now I say if it translate to this then you obviously haven't played GTAV or for the matter noticed the huge progression in the series with each GTA iteration. I'll wait for response before voting... :D

Ratty1741d ago

"If so, that could also imply multiplayer across those platforms and the odds of that happening are very low due to the technical differences between current and next-generation consoles."

If the only the differences between current and next-gen are graphical there is no reason why they couldn't do it.

RuleNumber51741d ago

We talked with PopCap Games about the same thing with 360 and Xbox One for Garden Warfare and they told us:

"Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, we considered it for a short time, but the online architecture between those two platforms is actually very different. Microsoft has made a lot of changes and improvements since Xbox 360 with Xbox One. So connecting those two worlds together is not as straightforward or simple as you might expect."

Meltic1741d ago

If just ubisoft could prove us wrong with a good HD gameplay of 1 mission now.

cyclindk1741d ago

They better make up for these sorts of things in other areas...

ZainreFang1741d ago

They should allow chat through the Wii U Gamepad Mic in the Wii U version. Heck, you could use the touch screen as a cellphone to call your friend, then talk through the mic as a phone!

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