Zombie Studios Explains Benefits of Unreal Engine 4 When Used With PS4′s Unified Memory Architecture

Zombie Studios is currently busy with Daylight for the PC and PS4 and besides being one of the few psychological horror games for the next generation, it’s also the first commercial release to use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. How does it take advantage of the PS4? Also, given the studio’s experience with the PS4 with Blacklight Retribution, how have they been able to further push the hardware this time?

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OhReginald783d ago

This titilates me, because batman: arkham knight will be built from the ground up using the unreal engine 4. Expect great things on the ps4 version.

Enyxodin783d ago

Where did u hear that from? It will use a heavily modified version of Unreal engine 3!

thereapersson783d ago

Dat supercharged PC-like architecture!

Sevir783d ago

Arkham Knight runs on Unreal Engine 3, but heavily modified, like Thief...

starchild783d ago

Well the Samaritan demo ran on an upgraded Unreal Engine 3 and that looked amazing. I'm sure Batman Arkham Knight will look great.

Skate-AK783d ago

Yep. It's U3 not U4. Last gen console port confirmed. Sure it will still like great through.

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