Fatigued Gamer - Titanfall is the Sex

NGB Wrote: "I’m a multitasking kind of guy, so I like to let my Titan take all the attention whilst my pilot sneaks in from behind, mounting the opposition to great effect. Don’t get me wrong I love to pilot the Titan too. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better feeling than that great moment when you close in on an opposing juggernaut and deliver the kiss of death. It’s the sex. Oh and then you have the epilogue where the heat is turned up. The cherry on a delicious gaming cake made of Titans. Don’t fuck up now, you’ve worked so hard for this moment. The clock is against you, you just need a bit more time to get into position and escape the battlefield or gun down the retreating ship. BAM! Suddenly it’s all over. You may have won, you may have lost. You look back at the mayhem that has just taken place and you either want to go again or find yourself laying there asking to be held. Pure sex."

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SteamPowered1735d ago

This is the oddest review I have ever read EVER. Basically one long, rambling, boner-jam.

ZodTheRipper1734d ago

Dude-bro jabbering at it's finest.

adorie1734d ago

Dudebros so strong they high five with kegs full of mountain dew.

ScubbaSteve1734d ago

"Titanfall is the sex"

Truly a title that begs to be clicked just to see how bad someone can be at pretending to be a journalist.

barb_wire1735d ago

Is that what is classified as a review now?.. that was nothing but rambling nonsense.

Bah, give that "web site" 0/10

iceman13461735d ago

this is just......waaaaay too far

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The story is too old to be commented.