PlayStation Home gets 13 trophies for PS3

Here's the full list of PlayStation Home trophies for PS3.

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Makasu1735d ago

PlayStation Home, go home, you're drunk.

Omar911735d ago

So does this mean that playstation home now has trophies or can does this update also give you the ability to see all your trophies in a trophy room similar to what they unveiled back in 2008?

Makasu1735d ago

No word on a trophy room yet :( But the trophies are retro-active, so if you did any of them back in the day all you have to do is login and they will pop up.

Orange Juice1735d ago

I think trophy rooms would have to be up to the developer to make if anything. You would need lots of spaces to keep them all once you have thousands and thousands of them. I too always wanted a trophy room though.