Should Games Be More Controversial? Kojima Agrees, But Do You?

Hideo Kojima believes that games should utilize sensitive topics to be part of culture, but is this something games should do?

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Batzi1735d ago

If it serves a purpose hell yea!

1735d ago
SolidGear31734d ago

Yes, if it makes you think and adds to the story.

Godmars2901734d ago

No. Controversy should not be used as crutch to compensate for poor writing and plotting.

aLucidMind1733d ago

Nobody said anything about it being used as a crutch. A story can still be very well-written and solid while being controversial. Controversial writing and incompetent writing are not mutually exclusive.

Tdmd1734d ago

Restrictions limits creativity. That's all. A game should not have excessive violence/nudity for the sake of giggles, but it should not have a restriction on those things for the sake of it's public either.

aLucidMind1733d ago

Moderation and maturity are the keys, basically.

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