Eiji Aonuma questions Zelda's traditions

A lot has been made of how A Link Between Worlds shakes up Zelda's traditional formula, but it seems to have shaken up how series producer Eiji Aonuma looks at that formula as a whole too. In a making-of interview with ONM (in issue 105), the legend behind Zelda revealed that changing how this game works has had a profound effect on how he thinks about the series.

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BattleN1739d ago

I want to get lost in Hyrule!

jcnba281739d ago

The formula changes Aonuma made in A Link Between Worlds were excellent so I cannot wait to see Zelda Wii U.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1739d ago

Sounds good but...

I would love if they added Gameplay elements that made everyone's play-through different.

Simple things like giving you different boss encounters or boss arenas based on your game play .

It would be nice if Gannon's Army moved on the over world by AI reacting to your gameplay.

Or if they took many queues from LoZ:MM and made time change where NPC's are... also if it changed where Bosses are or Gannon.