You Really Should Give Battlefield 4 Another Shot

"It’s no secret that Battlefield 4 has had it’s fair share of problems, chief among them the bugs. The problems with Battlefield 4 are very much ones of a rushed production and a truncated QA period, and it's a damn shame.

HOWEVER, that still does not dispute that the game is probably the best multiplayer shooter to come out in the past year." -Trevor Stears, Editor for Battle Screen

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lelo1742d ago

"You Really Should Give Battlefield 4 Another Shot"

Mehhh... Time to move on. Titanfall is being released.

DeadRabbits1742d ago

If small scale 6 vs 6 twitch shooting is your cup of tea then Titanfall and COD will suit well.

Both have scored the same 86 on Metacritic but only one (BF4) is truly Next Gen 32 vs 32 900p (gimped version) on the peoples console the PS4!

IanVanCheese1742d ago

So more people = next gen? I'll let the fighting games know, we can get some 32 way Killer Instinct going asap.

Naga1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

@ DeadRabbits

I have put over 226 hours put into Battlefield 4, and I can't express to you what a breath of fresh air Titanfall has been. It's surely a different kind of game, but the seamless and engaging experience is truly top notch.

Please do us all a favor and leave your silly fanboy hate at the door, because there's room for both games and both consoles in this world.

My BF4 Profile (in case you need it):

Kleptic1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Just about as different as multiplayer games can get...

I could not recommend purchasing Bf4 yet, or at least i probably never will at full its a 1/3rd of a year in and they're STILL chasing bugs that never should've been in there to begin with...basically i'm saying the game still isn't ready for release, as this is a clear situation of 'trying to change a tire on a moving car'...

but titanfall, for a ton of us, is not the answer...BF4 finally nailed it home in that i'll no longer pre-order or purchase a product from EA until well after release, until its documented and proven that the title is working as advertised...TF will probably be fine, its very simple from a technical standpoint...but its not something i'm going to figure out with my own money...even more importantly; after just a handful of rounds in the TF beta...i was already quite just doesn't have the depth that would attract any serious bf fans imo...and i was one of them...

either way, though...BF4 still hit over 60k+ players active on PC even through TF's release yesterday...that is above average for a tuesday...Xbox one numbers for BF4 were bad, but they've always been (least played system for BF4 by a large margin)...BF4 is fine popularity wise...they just need to finish straitening it out... the xbox one crowd may move on, but no one really cares about that as it didn't hold a large community in the first place...

ObiWanaTokie1742d ago

they broke another handful of things the last update again. now is definitely not the time to go back.

id say another 3 or 4 updates then the game might be running good. it'll take two more just because they will learn from one release the other, repeat.

Dudebro901742d ago

Not gonna happen. I played that game for a long time since launch, and still had some of the same issues since launch.

EA has really soured BF for me.

DerrickCole1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

To me it feels like battlefield 3.5 its too similar to bf3. Not that that's a bad thing but I put 150+ hours into bf3 and bf4 feels like a big map pack, only your rank got reset.
Edit: also...the bugs.

dcj05241742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Nah. It's more of a evolution. Similar to how Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Ghost Recon Advanced War fighter 2 or SOCOM 2 built upon the previous game.Similar but BF4 has more depth and Imo better design than BF3. Even Rush (except Parcel Storm and Golmud highway, that's all conquest. )They even introduced Obliteration. Basically Short Answer:I disagree with you.

DerrickCole1742d ago

It was closer to what call of duty regularly does than a true sequel. More maps different guns, a few mechanics changed or swapped around, but no real change. Again this isn't a bad thing, BF3 was a great game. All I'm saying is is doesn't feel like a true sequel.

RamboRabbi1742d ago

BF4 servers on PC are empty, the game is amazing IMO. Titanfall felt boring in beta and extremely over hyped therefore I was unable to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. BF4 was just buggy as hell and the netcode makes the multiplayer feel horrible atm.

Rob Hornecker1742d ago

It seems to me that each time they patch BF4,they fix one thing and screw 5 other things up in the process.

Having owned both the xb 360 and xb1 editions of the game ,I must say the differences are like night is to day. I still can't play a round of dawn breaker on the 360 with out it locking up. Plus the latest patch for the 360 you needed to remove all the past updates to get patch #7 to work. Why was this NEVER documented in the patch notes????

Anyone know if you have to do this in the latest xb1 patch?

VoltySquirrel1742d ago

On the Xbone updates are fairly simple. No need to screw around with files for past updates. That may of course be because the system still has yet to add any sort of robust storage setting area, but there ya go.

Rob Hornecker1742d ago

Thanks. I did the update and played a few games on each of the map packs with NO problems!

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