School Simulation 4: Horror Edition Hits Oculus VR Share Beta

VRFocus - Another virtual reality (VR) horror title has hit the Oculus VR Share Beta this week. School Simulation 4: Horror Edition from indie developer TTTC has been made available on the platform, which shares free demos and titles that support the Oculus Rift VR headset.

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Neonridr1737d ago

"School Simulation 4: Horror Edition is described as a horror educational title in which players must solve educational trigonometry puzzles in order to escape danger."

lol, I could just imagine a creature running after you while you are thinking to yourself - "Quick, what angles make up an isosceles triangle??"

rainslacker1737d ago

lol. Could actually be pretty cool if they had you thinking on how to use complex physics ideas to use as traps and what not. Kind of a home alone thing.:)

Physics can be easy to understand in working principles, but concepts can be quite hard.

Allsystemgamer1737d ago

Who ever disagrees with you obviously failed that class

Neonridr1736d ago

or didn't like Home Alone.. ;)

rainslacker1736d ago

What's wrong with home alone. Add in some zombies and it sounds like AAA GOTY material.:)

Bhuahahaha1737d ago

ill dig for it if only the teacher do some some dirty dancing while teaching.