Mario And Friends Are Coming To McDonalds Happy Meals

Nintendo UK has teamed up with McDonald’s to encourage children to get active with a Happy Meal promotion featuring some of its most famous characters. Launching in store on the 19th March, the toy inside every Happy Meal will be one of eight Super Mario-themed toys, fun activities on every box.

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NonShinyGoose1735d ago

Eight? There goes my diet.

Axonometri1735d ago

McDonald's in the states is nasty. How they are still so huge is beyond m... Wait, they said free Mario toys?! Oh, I see.

TheEnigma3131735d ago

I once when to a McDonalds in Canada and it was amazing.

vallencer1735d ago

Believe it or not man McDonald's in America is really the only place where the meals you get there are huge. We make it all big cause MURICA. Even the regular size here is bigger then pretty much all the other places. On top of that most other countries ingredients are fresh at fast food places. We are the only place where it's hugely sized and it's processed.

kreate1734d ago

McDonald's here in Cali gives small portions. Even the big Mac isn't big at all.

A small size coke is a 8 ouncer.

Miss the days when u order fries, its literally falling off as the employee hands u the fries from overflowing.

Those days are gone.

SteveQuinn1735d ago

I have attached images of 3 of the toys.
I really don't think this is a great idea tbh.

Tidybrutes1735d ago

Why? They look loads better than any of the happy meal toys ive seen in the UK for a very long time.

A few months I got a happy meal and the toy was seeds to grow cress, as a kid I know id much prefer a Yoshi or Toad then some crappy cress seeds.

SteveQuinn1735d ago

Because I don't agree with rewarding children with burgers.

Tidybrutes1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


If you dont agree with rewarding children with burgers then really thats more of a issue with McDonalds or fast food in general.

Really this is a great idea by Nintendo, and could get children aware of and talking about Mario right before the launch of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash bros.

I know a lot of kids in my family or freinds kids who nowadays game on their ipads this will maybe get them aware of the Wii U and want to play Mario games again.

higgins781735d ago

Its going to be like a week in the life of Morgan Spurlock making sure I get that Donkey Kong figure...hidden camera?

Stoppokingme1735d ago

Because nothing beats childhood obesity better than a fast food chain advertising an overweight plumber.

Axonometri1735d ago

Good thing its not here. My boys just got to the point of rejecting Mcdookies. If they bring Mario is its going to ruin it for me!

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The story is too old to be commented.