Evolve’s AI is bigger, better and more intelligent than Left 4 Dead’s

games™ talks to Turtle Rock producer Grace Denby about the AI running under the hood on the studio's newest multiplayer monster-hunting release

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CorndogBurglar1742d ago

Well it better be. The last Left 4 Dead game came out years ago. I would hope they've made improvements to AI in games by now.

But then again, look at Colonial Marines....ugh

Rivitur1742d ago

They didn't make that though they can only compare the AI of l4d(1) because that was their work.

CorndogBurglar1742d ago

I was talking about gaming in general, not this particular company.

gamesTM_dom1742d ago

Hey, it makes a change when developers actually talk about the AI, though, right?

Aside from Thief, I've seen very few devs for upcoming games talk about/get asked about AI recently (and Turtle Rock are very good at what they do with AI, so).

IanVanCheese1742d ago

<3 this game. Played it and I can honestly say this is a better multiplayer experience than Titanfall (and I fooking love Titanfall).

Jdoki1742d ago

This game has been flying under the radar, but it looks intriguing.

Hope it turns out well.

twdll1742d ago

This is looking like a great game. Start out with a great idea and develop on top of that. Thats how ya do it.

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