Dungeon Keeper 1.0.59 adds upgradeable reinforced walls

A brand new update for the mobile version of Dungeon Keeper has now arrived. Dungeon Keeper 1.0.59, amongst other things, allows players to build upgradable reinforced walls, which can develop from level 1 to level 10.

The update is pretty massive, weighing in at 93.4mb and features some big gameplay changes. For instance, the upgrade level of the walls will determine their resistance to Bomb Walls spell and/or critters.

There are also some Guild improvements. Players can now withdraw Guild Minions from Raids. Guild Applications also display combat points and trophy points and rosters will display the ‘last login time’ for each member.

The update also adds Bomb Wall achievements to the game, immortals in the PvE campaign and stealing from Collectors.

The main thing, however, is that gold is no longer required for certain actions and some cooldowns have been reduced

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