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Patrick of GameCloud writes:

"There were so many excellent parts to this game that, otherwise, just didn’t fit together, and likely because they were prevented from grooving together by all of the forced nostalgia that was crammed in. It tried too hard to cling to “tried and true” methods, regardless of whether or not they fit in with the rest of the game, or were under-developed for what they were supposed to accomplish. It was still fun to play, but probably not as much as it was the first time we played it as Donkey Kong Country Returns. Tropical Freeze isn’t a bad game, by the standards of most platformers that get released these days, it’s above average. For all its faults, it still delivered challenging platforming, which is mission accomplished on at least providing the core of what a platforming game should be."

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DangerousDAN1737d ago

I think he's getting caught up on the game's use of some old music tracks like "aquatic ambience" and blowing it out of proportion. That guy's a nut.

Vegamyster1737d ago

"Nintendo’s in full swing for rehashing old franchises for the Wii-U because nothing says “next-gen” like re-polished games from yesteryear"

Like the PS4/Xone isn't doing the same thing lol.

Reading off his negative points makes it looks like it was a game that he was never interested in but played it anyway.

SteamPowered1737d ago

Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

nategrigs1737d ago

Wait....did this guy really just give DKTF a 6.5/10? That seems crazy. I'm not even going to click the link just to read his gibberish reasoning.

TiberusX871737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

To other Nintendo fans, I don't know if it's just me, but I really miss the darker ambience of the original games. So, in turn, I agree about DK becoming "Disney" since Retro took over the development. They're well made games, but, to me, they don't have the same appeal as they once did. What do you guys think? (To add, I didn't write this review.)

nategrigs1737d ago

I like it for two reasons.

Its pretty challenging. Nintendo has every reason to dumb down the game to appeal to a wider audience, but many of the collectibles (even full levels) can be really hard.

The controls are really grounded. Jumping and movement feels sluggish at first, but once you get the hang of it, the handicap leads to really tense moments.

REDBEARD1737d ago

I do love the darker look of the older games than Retro's more colorful look. However, since there are alot of dark and depressing environments in alot of new games that are out there, it is a welcome addition.

elninels1737d ago

Dude you said that and I got a flash of DK on the snes when I was four. Needless to say you've ruined the aesthetic of tropical freeze for me.

I liked its brightness and shimmer till I remembered the second(?) level the first(?) DK with the rain coming down. Oh man I loved it.

If we're rehashing old donkey kong games I'd likd to see a new donkey kong 64 type game please. I enjoyed it more than super mario 64.

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