Valve Open Sources its ToGL Direct3D to OpenGL Abstraction Layer for Linux Developers

Dan writes:
Embracing the free trade of information popular among the Linux community it now finds itself in with SteamOS, Valve Software has posted the sourcecode of its ToGL abstraction layer to Github, under an open license that essentially permits the Linux community to do whatever the hell the want with it (thanks GamingOnLinux).

The purpose of ToGL is to facilitate porting a game that has been designed for Windows (or Xbox) using the DirectX API over to OpenGL so it can run on the Valve's new Linux-based SteamOS or other Linux distributions.

Provided as is and unsupported, Valve notes that the published code "most likely won't build by itself" and that some sections are currently hardcoded for Source Engine games. Even for developers that do get it working, it doesn't seem likely that it would provide much better performance than just running WINE in its current state, but the idea behind releasing it half-baked is probably to encourage the greater game development community to contribute and improve on to epxand the options for games on Linux in general.

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rodiabloalmeida1743d ago

Things are getting better and better, thanks to Gabe's vision. I hope for the day when people switch from windows to linux as a gaming OS.

UltimateMaster1742d ago

They should make at least a few Steam OS exclusives.

solar1741d ago

i wouldnt like to see that.

solar1741d ago

Cheers to Gaben and Valve for trying to push the industry of PC gaming to new heights. taking chances where other developers or hardware manufacturers wont.