Sony offers gamers chance to be 'Head of PlayStation NZ' for a day

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand has today launched a promotion offering the chance to become the 'Head of PlayStation NZ' for a day.

The promotion is to mark the upcoming release of InFamous: Second Son on PS4 later this month.

In addition to being able to carry out "approved activities as Head of PlayStation NZ", the successful candidate will also walk away with a PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi system, a PlayStation 4 and Infamous: Second Son Collector's Edition.

This crucial appointment calls for someone who mirrors the qualities of the characters in the game; an individual with extraordinary powers of leadership and decision-making, someone with real CEO potential.

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PoSTedUP1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

only one day? i dont want the ps4 or vita, i want a job. i eat CE-O's for breakfast.
(deff just coined that right now).

edit: you have to log in through facebook. welp, 'guess ill never find out.

White-Knight1739d ago

There should be this kind of promotion for the US too.

christian hour1739d ago

When did real life become a Flight of the Conchords episode?! Sounds like an idea Murray would come up with.

"Come Visit LOVELY New Zealand, be the Prime Minister for a day, It's easier than it looks!"

PoSTedUP1739d ago

rofl, i gotta kick outta that. i know, right?

BelkingOfSony1739d ago

just make a fake facebook account with a made up name and enter. the answers to the questions are obvious.

Kran1739d ago

Me as Head:


What? I cant because other countries have higher authority? Nawwwwww :(

DragonKnight1739d ago

This promotion could actually mean good things for the winner. If they can show they have an aptitude for creative, yet sound, thinking then you never know what could happen. Sony could hire them for some other position, or use their ideas in the future. Some dumbass fanboy better not win this and make every gamer look bad.