What Sports Gamers Are Missing

When gaming was still at its birth during the early days of NES and Game Gear (Yes, LONG AGO), The games that were being released and mainly the people who were playing them were always labeled as “nerdy”. Thus for a decade or two, Gamers didn’t really care what kind of games they played, be it, Sims 3 or Devil May Cry or Dota.

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PoSTedUP1736d ago

idk. tbh i never had the impression that playing videogames was geeky or nerdy... its hard to think of a group of people i knew who didnt play and enjoy games. from drug dealer to girls, family, friends, and i myself was a lil troublemaker. i think besides the really bad ppl in my life, we all love games and that is always how i viewed it. i think if you didnt play games you were looked at like there is something wrong with you, hah.

one of my barbers is like that and only likes Fifa. but, he looks like the type of guy that would only like Fifa...