Titanfall or Titanfail? Will Microsoft’s cloud technology hold under pressure?

GW: "Microsoft will be center stage tonight as Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall begins to roll out at midnight across the globe. Not only is the Redmond giant counting on tomorrow’s launch of Titanfall to spur sales of the Xbox One, but it will also be a huge test for Microsoft’s cloud technology. That’s because the game, published by Electronic Arts, is taking the unusual approach of relying on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, which up until now has mainly been hosting business applications."

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PONTIAC08G8GT1738d ago

I had no lag issues yesterday (launch day). I was able to find games quickly. The only issue I had was Xbox not letting me sign into my profile for about 7 hours. Had that been during normal business/work hours I wouldn't have minded it, but at the peak of the day that's kind of an issue.

komp1738d ago

I watched a few twitch streams and saw only a tiny amount of issues. I cant speak for myself as I dont have TF or XB1...

Anyway, the PS4 had issues on day 1, there will always be issues day 1 and on big launches...

You have to also take into account DDoS attacks as I AM SURE that happens to both platforms on big days... you know to make it all "look bad".... funny world we live in..

Hatsune-Miku1738d ago

I don't know what's the bigger fail but I see people falling for a tale about Microsofts cloud technology and how it'll make graphics technology better than what a ps4 can do. That's the biggest fail of all

ThanatosDMC1738d ago

MS servers should be ok... not enough people to stress the servers.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1738d ago

Oh brother. TitanFail? Ya.. a game averaging 87 is a real fail. I played constantly yesterday with no problem. It was great. Awesome game is awesome. Go sign on to Killzone if you don't like it. You know.. that game is rated way lower than TitanFall. Guess that will have to be called FailZone then right? Like TitanFail.

InTheLab1738d ago

Why do you have to trash an exclusive to prop up your multiplat?

idontcare1738d ago

just let the jealous ps4 fantards do what they do best. no one on the xb side cares when Infamous releases ... but they all care about Titanfall!

only 2 hours left ... stand by for Titanfall!

djplonker1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@Idontcare its not an exclusive and battlefield 4 is a bigger achievement IMO... ea wanted to be the next activision and with titanfall so close to cod in almost everyway it looks like they have it!

BluP1738d ago

Wait, are you suggesting that review scores are still relevant?

Titanfall may be a great game, but I bet that if scores were much lower you wouldn't mention them.

Personally, I'm extremely skeptical when I see a lot of 8s and 9s. Unless it's GTA.

classic191738d ago

why is you haten on killzone? because you can't take the pressure of the titanfail name. this gm was hyped for what? a 87 metric score? yup.

DigitalRaptor1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@ InTheLab

Damn son. You showed that troll. The author "attacks", or maybe I should use the proper term "questions" his precious multiplat, and he explodes and brings Killzone into the equation, despite the fact that no-one on this article has really mentioned PS4 or Killzone.

The insecurity is sky high now in Xbot club.

@ idontcare

Take a lesson from your username. How can any "ps4 fantard" be jealous of a game they probably have no interest in, especially if they have no interest in CoD??

An overhyped, overrated shooter that is doing nothing new, doing things that games a decade ago achieved? A game that any mind-range laptop can easily play? Anyone can play this game, that struggles to run well. Anyone with a decent PC or an 8-year-old 360.

Certainly, more people care about PS4 than Xbone, but I don't see you limping along with that argument. And who mentioned inFamous? I'd guess at someone who bought a next-gen console to actually play next-gen games, probably... or someone who is butthurt they can't actually play the first truly next-generation game. Yeah probably both.

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Evilsnuggle1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I was hope everyone was wrong and Microsoft had some amazing "cloud tech" . But no it was all bullsh#t ! No just more of Microsoft typical P.R spin crap. There is no improved graphics or in super sophisticated A.I cloud computing . Nope just dedicated servers that games have using for many years. More or Microsoft


I don't know why you are bring up killzone SF a game with real next gen graphic . TITIANFALL looks like a last gen 360 it's in 792p and struggling to run on the 10 year old source engine so much for next gen.

OiNioB1738d ago

Used the Single Bubble wisely I see, Let's be for real here you and a couple of the comments below have no Idea what the cloud can do now or in the near future.

Find a different thing to hate.

PONTIAC08G8GT1738d ago

So your applauding KZ because of it's graphics? Way to mention gameplay, considering thats why people buy games, to play them. Next gen graphics, last gen gameplay, nothing new or innovative.

Magicite1738d ago

Give this game a month and it will be forgotten. Even sooner, as Playstation exclusives start to roll in.
On a side note: Dark Souls 2 made me forget about tittyfall.

PONTIAC08G8GT1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Are you talking about Infamous? MP only games are known for sticking around a lot longer than "a month." If anything, Infamous has a greater chance of being forgotten after a month, although I don't think either will.

You realize how much of a troll/fanboy/child you sound by calling Titanfall "tittyfall"? Doesn't even make sense but nice try.

Mystogan1738d ago

Someone never played Titanfall.

Crazay1738d ago

I was lucky enough to not have any issues getting on yesterday. No lag and I was joined to a game within moments of initiating the call.

PONTIAC08G8GT1738d ago

Apparently someone disagrees that you didn't have any issues lol

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Hugodastrevas1738d ago

So much Cloud
Very Titanfall
Such Multiplayer

astar1234567891738d ago

It will get better, not that I care I'm not buying the xbone so good luck to the one that have one.

Mikelarry1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

i see what you did there :)

OT: to those expecting not to experience issues on one of the most hyped game release come on now. it will get better tho

thrust1738d ago

The game is great, far far from titanfail!

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