Titanfall’s campaign: A missed opportunity to set a new standard

“Well, it’s not a thing where you’re always playing a story.”

Those are the words of Titanfall producer Drew McCoy last August, who, when asked how the game managed to balance the need for a memorable story with the complexities of a multiplayer experience, tried to downplay the importance of the game world’s premise.

Comically, those words couldn’t be truer: you’re never playing a story in Titanfall, because it simply doesn’t exist.

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Red0eye0ceo1735d ago

I don't understand why they didn't create a single player campaign. It definitely would have helped the game.

bennissimo1735d ago

They didn't have the resources to do both SP and MP. MP offers more play time, so they invested their efforts into making a kickass MP experience. They succeeded.

jebabcock1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Well not having a story makes it an easier sell if the next iteration goes multi console. The newcomers haven't missed the story.

bennissimo1735d ago

This is the truth, downvoters. Why are you downvoting, anyway?

Red0eye0ceo1734d ago

I play games for the campaign, a good story,then pour countless hours into the multi-player of the best campaigns i have played. It just sucks that respawn didn't give us the opportunity to enjoy a good story.

PONTIAC08G8GT1735d ago

Why is everyone hung up on single player? All everyone does is complain how crappy the single player is in COD and BF. Everyone's complaining that the new MGS is like 4 hours long. Why the sudden need for a single player campaign? MP is where a game has longevity, not it's single player. So why not focus all your efforts on it? The campaign for single player is actually pretty interesting, I like playing as both sides and following the story.

If you want epic single player games, buy Uncharted, Last of Us, Final Fantasy, (can't think of any Xbox single player heavy games, maybe Fable?). If you love MP games like BF, COD, Gears, then jump on TitanFall

danthegamerfiend1735d ago

Are you kidding me? Have you even played the game. I have it and a single player campaign is not needed, it's just that amazing. Yeah I'm going to lie the campaign is weak but the multiplayer gameplay you get in return is immensely appreciated. For them not focusing on stupid 6 hour single player campaign of characters we don't care about, I am greatful. For me I'm thankful I have my cod ghosts replacement.

DanielGearSolid1735d ago

I'm mad that journalist were saying the multiplayer campaign was innovative... One website went as far as saying it was as innovative as the Souls series multiplayer aspects

Proves they were praising it b4 even touching it

pandehz1735d ago

Souls series Multiplayer ? aspects

Yea Souls has a tiny speck of multiplayer but seriously you're gonna mention that death simulator in front of one of the biggest multiplayer only games?

Irishguy951735d ago

Souls > All shooters. The multiplayer is amazing in Souls

DanielGearSolid1735d ago


First of all we're talking innovation here, so "biggest multiplayer game of the year" means absolutely nothing... Not to mention the subjectivity of that statement of that statement in the first place

So what's Titanfall doing that hasn't been done before?

Jsoc1735d ago

The so called campaign really sucked they should take it out until they have a real campaign . It was a real let down . Now the classic mode I like just for being fun

ltachiUchiha1735d ago

IMO I think respawn did the right move by focusing everything on multiplayer because single player isn't really their strengths. Only fault I think they went wrong is price. Being an online multiplayer game only should atleast be $39.99 price tag because creating a great single player experience & story is a way tougher task then just creating a fun multiplayer. So im glad they stuck to their strengths but still think $60 is alot for just a multiplayer game.

hulk_bash19871735d ago

Modern Warefare 1 and 2 are some of the best story campaigns in the entire franchise. So I would have loved to see a fleshed out story and universe for Titanfall. But Damn is that multiplayer addictive as hell. I took everything in me to stop playing to get in my daily workout.

mhunterjr1735d ago

I too think that the multiplayer campaign was a missed opportunity, but I don't think they should abandon the idea with future installments instead, they should flesh it out more...

I think the idea would benefit from some asymetric matchmaking. Instead of always being in a competitive match, sometimes, you'd be in a co-op mission against AI. These missions would play out more like a traditional story mission (in a campaign level, not an MP map)...until you reach a certain section, then adversarial players would spawn in... Almost like a boss fight. Think like a mix between APB and Borderlands.

Making this work seamlessly would be difficult, especially if there are two opposing campaigns. But I think it would be a nice alternative