Titanfall review: as good as shooters get | Games in Asia

Today, Respawn Entertainment and EA released Titanfall, one of the most highly-anticipated shooters in recent years. How does it stack up?

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ThatArtGuy1736d ago

*Looks at title.* That's why it got an 8. </sarcasm>

Tedakin1736d ago

Yeah shooters don't get better than an 8 out of 10.

SageShinigami1736d ago

I don't even like FPS, but uhm...that title is silly. If the game's "as good as it gets" wouldn't it deserve a 10?

Are_The_MaDNess1736d ago

as good as it gets eh..... sigh what have FPS games come too?
still think Counter Striker, Quake and Unreal is better in sooooo many ways.

actually needing skill to the games is why its great.

Titanfall is just too easy IMO, too much movement that is too easy to handle and not get me started on the smart pistol....