Modern Game Fix - Titanfall First Impression Review

Mike at Modern Game Fix - "I had Titanfall preloaded in origin last night a started playing promptly at 11 CST. After maxing out all graphic settings I was ready to play. My first reaction to the visuals was modest, but after getting into games and seeing everything in action it looked pretty awesome. "

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Wizard_King1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

This guy seems half way legit with the way he scores the game.

But he is playing of the superior PC version so that explains it, he can actually log on and play lol (XBL) and it does look and feel a whole lot better at 1080 and higher with 60+ FPS.

And there is the AA settings to stop it looking like a jagged mess like it does on XB1 because of the stupid 792p resolution.

PC version scores higher than XB1 in a legit review that takes into account all factors. No surprise.

Bigpappy1739d ago

Hope you fell a lot better. How is your campaign going? At first I thought you hated TF, but this shows it is really all about your hate for Xbox.

Good look in your real life my friend.

Septic1738d ago

Sad isnt it? And judging by the agrees and yor disagrees, their insecurity is at record levels. Sad state of affairs really.

Hardly what I'd call gamers.

Anyway, cant wait to get a hands on at this game at todays launch event. Consistently great reviews for this and can't wait to do my own (and yes, it will be far more objective than the horde on here could ever produce).

NewMonday1738d ago

it's normal for gamers to talk about games in a website about games.

but then we have people like you who just attack those who disagree with you instead of arguing the point.

ab5olut10n1738d ago

"Their may and most likely be grammar and writing mistakes."

No sh!t