“Ground Zero” For Breaking Games Into Pieces?

OnlySP: The mind behind Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, has been uncharacteristically talkative lately.

That seems to have more to do with the controversy surrounding the length of Ground Zeroes than anything else. He’s saying that Phantom Pain is going to be 200 times ‘bigger’ than Ground Zeroes, whatever that means. He’s had a few reasons for splitting the game up into two parts, which you may or may not accept, but at the end of the day it is a deliberately split up game.

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PoSTedUP1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

FoxTrot where 'you at, doggy? you must of wrote this. i knew it was only a matter of time before you started writing articles! >_<

yeah, yeah.. ill keep an eye out. something like this once in a while, especially as a fanservice, is no where near as bad as the DLC that has been pumping out in the last 7 years. ive done My share; i can litterally count on one hand the DLC ive bought last gen. socom confrontations Cold Cront DLC, operation flaspoint Extra missions, cod4 map pack, ummm, and little things like LBPvita TimeSaver DLC, 1 or 2 50.¢-$1.00 things in PS home and a $1.49 gun for KillZone Mercenarys.

and ill do the same if i see more and more people taking this trend. but for right now the last time i saw it done was 5 years ago for GT5p. so right now that cynical conspiracy BS can just **** me.

porkChop1715d ago

Actually this is just as bad if nor worse. People hate it when companies take content out of games and sell them separately for $10 or $15. Ground Zeroes was originally part of The Phantom Pain according to Kojima, so it was ripped out of the game and is now $20 to $30, and they were originally charging $40. Such a high price for what is essentially 1/200th of The Phantom Pain according to Kojima. This is WAY worse.

PoSTedUP1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

people hate that because that DLC is released After the game, this content is being released Over A Year b4 The Game Is Even Finished. the fans asked for this. do you see the difference? getting to play some of it WAY ahead of time? should it be convenient for us fans AND only pay 36.¢ for it bc it is "1/200th" of the acual game? that is completely obsurd. youre not forced to buy it. and it has 10 hour of content PLUS a 2 hour story. the price WAS lowered, And if you preorder it you get Peace Walker HD for Free on the ps3. you people are getting a little rediculous, now. where was this "this is wrong" **** when GT5p was a $40 demo?? there Was None, ppl were Happy they got to play a little of their favorite game much earlier. and everyone on the site was defending it! Japan is eating the preorders up for a reason. the true fans will get it, thats really all that matters. do you think Kojima would come out and say "PP is 200 times bigger than GZ" After He announced The Price of GZ? WTF kinda marketing strategy to make money is That!?!? that only HURT GZ and just PROVES that he really doesnt care about maxing out profit for this game, but only his fans getting to play it. why announce the high price and then after make the game look Incredibly small by sayng that?? 1 reason, its a prologue for the fans and i and everyone knows the true fans would buy it even if it were $50.

OrangePowerz1715d ago

It's a 30 bucks paid demo to milk the game more.

Not every DLC is bad. Certainly not a fan of day 1 DLC because frankly if it is available on day one it should have been in the game, but there are good examples of DLC out there like Borserlands 2, but they don't cost 30 bucks for 2 hours of additional prologue story.

PoSTedUP1715d ago

but when was a 2 hour story and 10 hours of content ever considered a demo? and where were you (or anyone besides xbox fanboys) when GT5p was released for $40? Every PS fanboy Was Defending it and justifying it. straight up: if this was still a PlayStation exclusive Every PS fanboy in here would be Defending it! and you Know thats True.

OrangePowerz1714d ago

When the tanker demo came out I probably spent 2 hours on it the first time I played it. I personally as a huge MGS fan would pay at best 20 bucks for it digitally on next gen.

While GT5 prologue was doing something similar it had 70 cars, 6 tracks and online racing you could spend a lot more time with it because of the online.

PoSTedUP1714d ago

2 hours of TLoU DLC for Last Gen with no replayability for $20, and no one is complaining. $10 more dollars on Next Gen for GZ and with a 2 hour story and 10 hours of content, and its a huge problem?? yeah you aint no huge mgs fan Thats For sure! thats ridiculous.

its not about if it has online or not, its about the franchise and getting some of it early to the fans. a lot of ppl pay to get into BETAs, unfinished demos... and here a "mgs fan" is complaining about $10 frigging dollars? gimme a break. i see right through you ppl.

OrangePowerz1714d ago

Firstly Left Behind is 15 bucks.

Secondly GZ is 2 hours for the main mission and the 10 hours of content is everything combined including the 2 hours for the main mission.

If it would be about getting the fans something to play earlier they wouldn't chargr half of the price of a full game. The least they should do is give a discount on Phantom Pain for people that buy GZ. It's about extracting more money from MGS for Konami it's one of the few games that make them crap load of money.

There was a time when Splinter Cell tried to emulate MGS, now they try to make an open world Splinter Cell with some MGS flavour and a new voice actor so they can market the game better in the west.

I play the games since MG 1 and 2 on the MSX and was always looking extremely forward to the next game. Being a fan doesn't mean blind devotion and bending over. Just because I'm a fan I can still be critical of a 30 bucks prologue that was taken out of the main game to milk more money. I don't have 2 MGS tattoos because I was bored, but because I love the franchise. If being critical means I'm not a fan of it then so be it.

PoSTedUP1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

oh ok i got the seasonpass i thought it was $20. GZ is $20 on PS3. and half the price bc they have to pay for distrubution costs and development costs etc. so $5 more on PS3 than Left behind but it has way more content, and $10 more than that because it takes more money to up the graphics and then distrubution. plus its a luxury getting to play it MUCH earlier. so youe telling me we should be getting the convenience of playing MSG earlier AND only have to pay $15 bucks? even when distrubution alone/royalties would cause them to lose mony? Gimmee A Break, that sense of entitlement and principle is so convoluted its unfathomable. obviously hell be making money on this, but the fans will be making off with something more valuable and sooner. read my above post to PorkChop. Kojima wouldnt have done this if the fans didnt ask for it. do you honestly believe he would set the price at $40, then come out after and make the game look ridiculously small by saying "PP is 200 times bigger" if he was trying to scam a quick buck and wanted ppl to buy it and make the most?money off of it? he lowered the price, newegg has a $5 discount, you get PWHD for free if you preorder it on ps3 etc. if youre not getting it, thats cool, but then, why are you here without knowing the simple concept of whats going on and without the understanding of a fanservice, what a prologue is, the costs, and the fact that this is what the fans asked for? because this article agrees with your dislike for ppl who are getting what they asked for? dont buy it and wait. or like sony would say: "get a second job" or dont complain about not having the luxury of getting to experience MGS WAY ahead of time. and That Alone would disprove any principle about it costing "way too much". dont buy it, dont get to play it much earlier. is all im saying.

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Digital-Devil1715d ago

I totally agree with this article. This "game" is a testing ground for what might happen in the future. Just like DLC, when it started coming out, it was supposed to be a way to extend our game experience but in reality it was a sneaky way to get us to pay more and the general consumer has "accepted" it. This is going to happen more and more if Ground Zeroes is a success just like with Titanfall more online only multiplayer games will be $60.

GentlemenRUs1715d ago

"He’s saying that Phantom Pain is going to be 200 times ‘bigger’ than Ground Zeroes..."

Well I'll be! If someone can confirm that then I'm gobsmacked!

Aleithian1715d ago

Guy working at Gamestop (Bailey's Crossroads, Arlington, VA) told me yesterday that it will have "around 400 hours of play time, whatever that means." He said Kojima is the source of that information. Take that for what it's worth.

Everlastingfate1715d ago

Because the minimum wage GameStop employee has all the inside info...

Aleithian1715d ago

For those disagreeing: You apparently don't understand the meaning of "Take that for what it's worth."

Everlastingfate1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

And apparently you assume that a retailer like GameStop has some access to inside information and developer connection.

They sell the games - that's it. What is with this culture of people looking up to GameStop employees?

I worked at EB Games as assistant manager for 3 years in college and I assure you that I never had one scrap of insider information.

A GS employee has no more insider knowledge than a Walmart electronics department employee. Yet the GS employees act like they're going to all be developers some day. It's just a retail store. There is no connection to the industry whatsoever.

That's like a used car dealer having the inside tips on what the new 2016 models look like. Absurd!

And you can't deny that you're guilty of it because otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to tell us the location of the GameStop - as if that's at all relevant.

Aleithian1714d ago


What assumption? I didn't assume his statement was true, nor did I say he had a developer connection. In fact, I didn't say that this information was "inside" in any sense - I just said it came from Kojima, according to the guy. As in, Kojima, at some point, put out this information and this guy reported it to me. As in, I haven't verified it, I haven't gone searching for the additional info to post for all of you, I didn't ask where Kojima reported this - I'm simply reporting what I was told in passing while placed a preorder and was chatting about the new game. Hence, "Take that for what it's worth."

And wow, talk about assumptions. So posting the location equates with trying to justify my alleged claim to insider information?

I strongly suggest you don't making assumptions about what you read on the internet. You are part of the reason so many people become alienated online - there are too many people quick to judge and quick to express their damning opinion. Just chill out and take what people say at face value - don't try to read a back story into everything and see the worst in people.

Everlastingfate1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

You've done me a service by pointing out the error of my ways. Your words have enlightened me and inspired me to change my wicked ways. Thank you.

But seriously: rather than verify anything you heard from a GameStop employee, you decided to parrot it to the internet? GameStop employee is your source? Were you so lazy that you spread it to the internet without verifying anything you heard?

You sir, are what's wrong with the Internet.

Aleithian1714d ago

Wow! Sigh. I guess there's nothing more to say.

Everlastingfate1714d ago

Wow, sigh, that's largely because you're out of bubbles and unable to respond.

You get some hot tip from GameStop and run to the message boards with it, never stopping to validate. Instead, you cite a GameStop employee who heard from Kojima as your source.

I guess Kojima must frequent the Bailey's Crossroads Arlington, VA GameStop.

You're propagating hearsay.

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Aleithian1715d ago

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Kojima has released something of this sort. The VR missions for MGS were about half the price of the game, and didn't add much except repetitive VR training for fans of the series (like me).

Of course, GZ isn't quite the same sort of thing, and a comparison between them is necessarily difficult in light of the fact that none of us have played GZ yet.

I preordered GZ yesterday and will pick it up Tuesday. We'll see then what sort of buy this is, how much play we can get out of these side ops he talked about. I tend to get ridiculous with MGS games anyway - checking every detail, looking for all secrets, etc. So I'll get plenty hours out of the game. Will it be worth $30? I don't know, but I suspect it will be based on Kojima's record. Until any of us know what it's like, articles like this are irrelevant - based entirely on false premises and assumptions.

TomahawkX1715d ago

I wonder why the game couldn't be extended beyond camp omega. Why not give us the hospital part and escape with ocelot. We've all seen it already and its near the beginning of the game I'm assuming.

Lowsnamebrand1715d ago

Your first problem is your assuming something from a kojima game, I assumed I'd be snake in mgs2 we all know how that turns out lol

Now on topic I'm actually not mad about it being two separate games but then again I'm a mgs fanatic and none of kojima's games have ever disappointed me.

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