The Creative Forces Behind Monolith Soft’s Much Anticipated Wii U Title, X

Nintendo Enthusiast takes a look at some of the men behind the Wii U's most epic upcoming game.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1736d ago

I hope this will be released with lots of copies to spare in the west.
Heck, I hope they bundle the heck out of it. Maybe include a pro controller and a head-set in a premium X bundle for online AND local play support right out of the box.

cleft51736d ago

I would love an X bundle for the WiiU. When this game comes out I will be buying a WiiU.

SteamPowered1736d ago

If you get the Wii u don't deny yourself super Mario 3d, deus ex, or donkey kong:TRopical freeze. In fact, why wait for X to buy a Wii U?

muttsurini1736d ago

i think he/she is an rpg fan like me, sure those games are good but my wallet is holding of for buying these next gen consoles without an epic jrpg game to play with.

AWBrawler1736d ago

Pretty sure this will use the gamepad in a cool way so i dont need the pro

wonderfulmonkeyman1736d ago

Sorry, I meant to say bundle the pro controller in alongside the game pad, so that local multiplayer is enabled right out of the box.

WiiUsauce1736d ago

People disagreeing with you are morons. This is one of rhe very few genres where the gamepad will actually make the game better and nitbjust feel tacked on.

wonderfulmonkeyman1736d ago

Edit: Meant to say "include a pro controller alongside the game pad and a headset for local and online multiplayer out of the box."

gpturbo811736d ago

pro controller bundled is a good idea. local multiplayer is awesome on this console. one person gets tv, one gets gamepad. love it.

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zalanis1736d ago

cant wait for this game. im buying three copies. 1 per wiiu at home so i can multiplay with my son and one to give to my bro.

TomahawkX1736d ago

so hyped for this game it's not even funny.

DoggyBiscuit1736d ago

I just can't wait I wanna play this game already

Raider691736d ago

Too bad Nintendo is not releasing this marvel this year in US AND EU.Every time i watch this game footage before going to bed i dream with this wonderfull game,at 41 years of age thats saying something about how much im expecting from this game..wonderfull world.

Ck1x1736d ago

It has a 2014 schedule, my guess is this game will come to the states by the end of the year. I think SmashBros will hit around October or November.

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The story is too old to be commented.