Naughty Dog Explains PS4′s CPU, Memory and More in Detail and How They Can Make it "Run Really Fast"

During the tail of an extremely interesting presentation at at the Semana Informática in Lisbon Naughty Dog Lead Programmer Jason Gregory described the PS4's CPU, its memory, it's GPU, its cache architecture and more in great detail, also explaining how the studio optimizes those resources to achieve superior results thanks to the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the hardware, taking full advantage of it and making code "run really fast."

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1OddWorld1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Naughty Dog laying some knowledge down.


Mark Cerny made something special for us gamers.

/Wipes tear from eye

Majin-vegeta1740d ago

Agree ND will be one of the top DEVS to put the PS4 to the limit.

DoomeDx1740d ago

what the hell does The Simpsons hit n Run video got to do with this?

Majin-vegeta1740d ago

@Doom wth are you talking about??.I didnt put no Hit and run video


If they really can apply the same job system as they did on PS3 mimicing its CELL processor's SPUs by either the the CPU cores or the 64 different ACUs in the GPGPU coupled with Naughty Dog's expertise and the way they were used to work on a hrader hardware and now converting into more powerful an easier one, then expect ... , ... and ... results.

PS: Fill in the blanks, because I couldn't find words to describe the upcoming situtation.

UltraNova1740d ago if all those hardware specs where double what they are I could actually feel like next gen was here..

Games4ever1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Quantic Dream says hi :)

I mean, Quantic Dream will also take the PS4 to the limit.

mewhy321739d ago

I agree. Naughty Dog are really something special and Cerny designed a console that will enable them to really cut loose on what they can do. The most powerful console ever created at their disposal and no concerns about parity for lesser consoles. I can't wait to see what comes from them next.

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Pogmathoin1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I'm crying too.... This is too much to watch.... I hope they are not going Peter Molynuex on us and over hype stuff.... New IP please....

Edit: wow, as soon as I wrote this, a Peter Molynuex story appeared above this one.... About promising too much..... What odds....

Ezz20131740d ago

no odds here
you say Peter Molynuex and he shall apper to you

demonddel1740d ago

Hey fellas I just purchace the ps4 with Madden,Fifa,Killzone,and NBA 2k14 and no I dont own an Xbox One yet but I think I fell into the hype and Bought it but honestly I dont know what makes this system so special unless im depending on the future

XboxFun1740d ago

You have that really cool share button. Also get Knack, I heard that game was pretty cool.

jjonez181740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

All it really has going for it at the moment is the price, policy, and tech(Compared to Xb1/wii u). That's not to mention the numerous top notch Sony studios such as Naughty Dog. For me personally, I bought one for the upcoming games from studios I loved last gen. Purchasing consoles, especially at launch, is an investment for the future.

NeoTribe1740d ago

You prolly just dont like games anymore. You would be even more bored on the xone. Buy a pc if your bored.

demonddel1740d ago

Oh OK I'm looking forward to God Of War and TLOU 2 also waiting for Microsoft to drop the price

fr0sty1740d ago

You could always download those free PS+ games that kick so much butt. Or those free to play games (you know, actually free to play, meaning you don't even have to sign up for plus to play them), at least until infamous comes out in a little over a week.

ramiuk11740d ago

warframe brilliant and free
dead nation
im loving the pinball game too.

i left many of last gens games as i knew i was making the launch day jump so i have had assassins creed etc to blow me away.

BG115791740d ago

Bought generic sport games.
Expect to be astonished with them...

AndrewLB1740d ago

you're going to love the really bright light on each controller, as well as the battery life!

And never forget that your PS4 is the most powerful console ever! Then nit-pick aspects of the upcoming SteamBox like upgradability, declare it a PC and not a Console, then go back to telling yourself that your PS4 is the most powerful console ever!

GMW1740d ago

Almost all the multi-platform console games look better on the PS4. Therefore you can expect some stunning looking exclusives for the PS4. Before anyone says they don't care about graphics, they should ask themselves if they would be happy with PS1 graphics but amazing game-play. I believe graphics are always an important factor for increased immersion in the gaming experience. Sound too.

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purpleblau1740d ago

ND right on the money, straight cash homie!

hollabox1740d ago

I thought the PS4 could use up to 6.5 GBs out of 8? Well I guess another N4G started and supported rumor has been put to rest.

rainslacker1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Devs have direct access to 5GB's of memory, as stated in this article. The other 1GB is memory that is managed by the system OS. The other 2GB is reserved for the OS itself and possible future updates. This wasn't an N4G rumor. Sony clarified and explicitly laid out how the system memory was set up.

TBONEJF1739d ago

And half of those lazy development doesn't want to push the power of the PS4 cause they only care bout sales not graphics

Retard1739d ago

Able to put 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag.

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GarrusVakarian1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Some really interesting info there Abriael, thanks. It was a good read.

Can't wait to see what ND have managed to pull off with their first next-gen game. Heads will be blown.

djplonker1740d ago

Other things will also be blown if I cannot afford to buy it at release!

rainslacker1740d ago

Agreed. I've bookmarked this article as it's one of the most informative looks at the system setup and programming for it available without having signed some NDA's.

BitbyDeath1740d ago

ND will kill it at E3.
They can only be topped graphically by Quantic Dream.
If they both attend, then this years E3 will make history.

SpitFireAce851740d ago

No offense but Quantic Dream can't touch
Naughy Dog..:)

BitbyDeath1740d ago

Graphics are pretty real looking on QD games.
Gameplay though now that'd be a different story. :-)

blackbirdi1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

wait and see they will downgraded like every xbox one game best exemples ryse forsa and titan fall

BitbyDeath1740d ago

Quantic Dream don't make Xbox games.

jjonez181740d ago

Your probably thinking of Remedy's game "Quantum Break" lol
Quantic Dream is the Sony second party studio that made Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain. They've already shown off their ps4 tech demo at E3, it's gorgeous look it up.

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SolidGear31740d ago

Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog. The two best <3

Fz6soldier1740d ago

Idk, ND are masters at optimizing and
getting the most out of the PS3. It will be interesting to easy what they can pull off with the PS4 being that it's easier to develop for.

bosoxs5051740d ago

Can't wait till E3. Sony will be showing off amazing things. Same with MS.

jessupj1740d ago

MS knows they need to turn things around and I have no doubt they're going to try their hardest to have an amazing show.

Sony knows MS knows this and won't be letting them take the spotlight so easily.

Gonna be an interesting E3 this year I think.

HardcoreDaBoss1740d ago

ND is amazing.. I would love to see them max a PC out though.

SolidGear31740d ago

That would be too much to handle! :D

dcj05241740d ago

I couldn't handle that.

N4g_null1740d ago

The ps4 is sort of a pc apu laptop power sort of. I just hope we don't get another watch dog.