Titanfall: Brazil's Azure Data Center Is Routing ISP's To Miami, Florida

Titanfall: Brazil's Azure Data Center Is Routing ISP's To Miami, Florida.

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dedicatedtogamers1739d ago

For months and months, people have been saying that the reliance on the cloud would cause problems. Did anyone listen?

mhunterjr1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

It's an isp problem....

Anyway, with any new ideas, there are bound to be some sort of growing pains, that doesn't mean you shouldn't push forward.

I'm currently enjoying 36ms ping, haven't seen as much as a stutter... haven't seen that in all my console hanging years. I'm glad someone decided to push forward

stuna11738d ago

The isp shouldn't play a role in this anyway! According to Microsoft and Respawn, one of the benefits of using the Azure Cloud servers was for this exact purpose! The matchmaking setup of TitanFall was for the explicit purpose of finding the closes data center.

mhunterjr1738d ago


That makes no sense. Using azure doesn't circumvent the need for ISPs to properly route traffic.

stuna11738d ago


It makes plenty of sense because if the Azure data center is in fact the cause of your isp being rerouted then either 1) Your isp doesn't recognize the data center or 2) The data center doesn't recognize your isp. In either instant it had to be pinged off the data center network in order to be rerouted.

MorePowerOfGreen1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Let them vent.

fr0sty1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Don't you love how, the moment a console shows a flaw in any way, shape, or form, the fanatics all become instant experts in the field that the flaw took place in who were there on site when the incident happened? Titanfall's cloud shows a crack in its armor, suddenly we have a bunch of IT experts in here telling us all exactly what went wrong and why. They've traced the problem through every internet hub from here to Brazil and back again, and know exactly what happened.

Akuma071738d ago

Not sure who you are defending frosty lol

All you guys who are saying the ISP shouldn't be involved...... lol..... you guys have literally NO idea how an ISP works. You wouldn't have ANY Internet if your ISP wasn't involved.

And a 36ms ping is from your ISP not the azure cloud.

mhunterjr1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


Your not making any sense at all. Data centers don't override the importance of the ISP. If the service providers configuration is incorrect, and traffic isn't being routed properly, that fact that you're trying to connect to a data center won't help at all.

Hopefully MS has enough clout their to push the provider to make necessary changes.

@akuma07 the 36ms ping is. From my house, to the ISP, to the data center, and back to my house.

stuna11738d ago

And I'm not saying they do! Isp's have hubs throughout the areas that they designate coverage too, if anything if their is no coverage in an area goes down, it's down for that area that the coverage is for, it's not going to automatically jump continents

uso1738d ago

Try a diferent dns, for exemple Googles. and

mhunterjr1738d ago


It's not a coverage/outage problem, it's an addressing/routing problem

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Septic1738d ago

Omg just give it a rest man will you.

For months people have been saying reliance on the Azure system would cause problems?? Really? Like this one where the isp is causing problems??

Go back to P2P then.

Narutone661738d ago

The sky must be clear in Brazil.

ebreda1738d ago

Your opinion is the in fact right. It's only happening with two specific ISPs in Brazil - Net Virtua and Oi.

They are routing traffic to Miami, and then back to São Paulo.

It has happened before with LoLegends servers as well, and it was corrected after much complaining to the ISPs.

It's not Azure's fault at all.

ArbitorChief1738d ago

The reach for any sort of negative news on Titanfall is hilarious.

KwietStorm1738d ago

You mean amidst the non stop hype train since e3? Yea it is pretty funny.

tiremfej1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I was actually shocked it was a story submitted by MariaHell...what's his name. A complete troll, shilling for Sony.

ArbitorChief1738d ago

lol Titanfall is mad overhyped, just like every game these days, just this news article is such a reach for negative news on Titanfall. Just N4G being N4G.

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