Retro Recap: Halo Combat Evolved

Tom Skidmore of TheKoalition writes:
With it being Xbox week over here at The Koalition, what other game could I really take a look at? Halo undoubted popularized the Xbox (one? What do you can the original Xbox?) system and spawned a number of well received sequels. So this week’s Retro Recap is none other than the title that began Master Chiefs journey; Halo Combat Evolved!

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SwiffEpics1739d ago

I remember this EPIC game.

Snookies121739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Why would one not remember it? It didn't come out that long ago, lol. Was a good game though, no doubt. I just think they've gone a little overboard with it lately.

rbailey1739d ago

Perhaps Halo 5 or whatever it's called will be good as well.

MrKennedy1738d ago

This is a good Retro Recap about Halo Combat Evolved.