New-Gen Console Features That Are Still MIA

Post-launch updates have rolled out for the new systems, making them even more attractive. However, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still missing some promised amenities.

The benefit of a connected console is that manufacturers can push updates with new features at any time, but that's also the downside. Both systems shipped at the end of last year with a few IOUs out to consumers for features and functionalities that were promised.

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White-Knight1742d ago

Yeah, I really want Stream Archiving for PS4.
MP3 would also be nice.
And I'm still waiting on the external HDDs for Consoles, including X1.
There's a lot more features I'd want them to add.

oODEADPOOLOo1742d ago

Dedicated Youtube app is still a big one, and possibly the ability to upload to YT, but I guess the mess with copyrights is prob why they are hesitant. I still want the youtube app though would be cool to fullscreen a vid w/o having to hookup a laptop.

memots1742d ago dude.....

Works great you can even pair up devices

Jeff2571742d ago

Well all the things I want for PS4 the article already states that Sony will add them. I just hope we aren't waiting years for the features. At most some should take no longer than the 2nd anniversary of the PS4. Ideally they will announce a big update roll out at GDC or E3.